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I may be an ‘Ambivert’



I just came across this term while reading another blog. I always thought one was either an ‘introvert’  or ‘extrovert’. I never knew there was a term for those in between — an ‘Ambivert’. It makes perfect sense!!

Google says, an Ambivert is a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features.




I always assumed I was an introvert with healthy developmental skills to ‘act’ like an extrovert when needed. I can mingle and be social but I have to know of the event way in advance to mentally prepare to be social. Last minute events tend to throw me off and I tend to not be very compliant.

Furthermore, I always assumed that it was my job in the service industry,  that helped me be less introverted as I had to learn how to communicate with many different personalities on a daily basis. But now I know there’s a term for us ‘in-between-ers’. Whether or not it was inherent or developed as a survival skill is left to be determined, but I’m glad I got to know myself a little better today.

Visit BayArt for the post that got my noggin thinking and searching. Happy reading!

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