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I may be an ‘Ambivert’



I just came across this term while reading another blog. I always thought one was either an ‘introvert’  or ‘extrovert’. I never knew there was a term for those in between — an ‘Ambivert’. It makes perfect sense!!

Google says, an Ambivert is a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features.




I always assumed I was an introvert with healthy developmental skills to ‘act’ like an extrovert when needed. I can mingle and be social but I have to know of the event way in advance to mentally prepare to be social. Last minute events tend to throw me off and I tend to not be very compliant.

Furthermore, I always assumed that it was my job in the service industry,  that helped me be less introverted as I had to learn how to communicate with many different personalities on a daily basis. But now I know there’s a term for us ‘in-between-ers’. Whether or not it was inherent or developed as a survival skill is left to be determined, but I’m glad I got to know myself a little better today.

Visit BayArt for the post that got my noggin thinking and searching. Happy reading!

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Image source: Google images
Image source: Digital Art by A~I.R.B.
Contents compiled: January 8 2017
Originally published: January 9 2017
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23 thoughts on “I may be an ‘Ambivert’”

  1. A great post, I too, am an Ambivert, I cherish solitude, though, I didn’t always. I used to go out because of severe anxiety with being alone, anything to get away from dwelling on how awful I felt about myself. I now can go out when needed and am quite gregarious, I even embarrass my kids when I talk to strangers at the store or whatever. What other people think says more about them than about me. I enjoy both immensely Thanks again ❤

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  2. That word is new to me, too. It seems like a useful word, so I don’t know why it isn’t more common. You deserve a slap on the back for applying your skills at your job, because those are the skills which help you in your day-to-day life, and which give you a better shot at the future. I don’t work a great deal, but I compensate, I feel, with some reading (and research) that, while it does require the skills of the ambivert, at least gets me feeling like I’m not too, too idle. Thanks for posting.

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