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Emoji madness!!!


Hey all!

I see a plethora of emojis all over social media. In my opinion, the purpose of these symbols is to add emotion and personality to the blurbs we write on a daily basis just so our words are not misunderstood.

I am very careful with my written words in an effort to convey the intended meaning. I am also very careful with my use of these emotion-bearing symbols. There are a few I use generally,  and you’ve seen them here frequently (☺🌷😉 👍😂🍻😔 ), but there are special ones I save for those I’m more intimate with (😍👄💋❤). And of course,  there are the naughty /suggestive ones I will save for use with a significant other if I’m lucky to ever find one in this lifetime! (Wait, did you really think I’d post those here? 😂)

The thing is,  because I know how and why I choose to use a particular emoji,  the meaning I attach to each symbol may mean something completely different to someone else. So even if emojis are meant to add personality and emotion,  they can also be just as misunderstood as our written words. In effect,  nothing really replaces the actual ‘spoken’  word. Subtle nuances are lost in a text message and bad emoji translation can also cause quite a ruckus!

So here are my questions to you lovely people:
–  Which emojis do you use with friends?
–  Which do you use with significant others?
– Which do you use with family?
–  What do emojis mean to you?
a. Fun
b. Significant affection
c. Just decoration for your words or
d. Nothing at all

Would love to hear your feedback on this and as always thanks for stopping by. Best wishes now and always.


I never send emojis to business contacts. Perhaps a smiley face but that’s it. Anything more is just a big no no!

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A-Z Favorites

I’ve never thought of listing my favorite things in alphabetic order but Jokerswild, the winner of my recent Food Quiz, has inspired me to play along.

Here’s my list:
A – authenticity (I am who I am, love me, or not)
B – brains (I love mental stimulation)
C – conversation (communication is so important)
D – dogs (they are my favorite pet)
E – eggs (scrambled or omlette)
F – Friday (it’s the best day of the week )
G – green (my favorite color)
H – hugs (yep, I’m a hugger ☺)
I – imagination (as a writer it’s often a source of inspiration)
J – jokes (I’m a big goofball. I love to laugh)
K – kit kat (candybar)
L – lounging (Saturday is rest day)
M – music (it’s my escape, distraction,therapy)
N – naps (rejuvenation: mental + physical rest)
O – outdoors (I love nature)
P – parenting (I love being a mom)
Q – quiz ( thought-provoking interraction)
R – romance (long overdue)
S – setting goals (I’m proactive, ambitious )
T – toast with honey (nice treat)
U – unexpected blessings (life can stillbe wonderful)
V – vitamins (keeps me healthy)
W – writing (expressing myself this way is my therapy)
X – xerox machines (many days I wish I could duplicate myself)
Y – YouTube (my babysitter lol)
Z – zodiac sign = cancer

So what would your A to Z list look like. Stop by Jokerswild’s blog to see his list. Have fun! 🌷

November 27 2016 (Showcase Reblog)


Some of my wacky favorites from A to Z

Animal- Bengal Tiger, so beautiful

Book- The Rouge Lawyer

Color- Green

Date- 1987.  Seems like a cool date

Energy drink- Powerade

Football Team- Dallas Cowboys

Gum- DoubleMint

Holiday- Independence Day

Ice Cream- Rainbow Sherbert

Juice- Strawberry Lemonade

Kind of exercise- Push-ups.  All about abs

Lunchtime meal- Pizza

Movie- X-Men

Number- 7.  Lucky number!

One-liner- No brain, no pain

Pet- Snake

Quote- I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I am right.

Reason to smile- Life

Song- Chandelier by Sia or Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift

T.V show- South Park

Unique Person- Anyone who can smile

Video Game- Resident Evil

Wrestler- Bray Wyatt

X-Men- Gambit

Your vacation place- DisneyLand

Zodiac sign- Cancer

Anybody got any similar taste?  Play along, I’ll be looking for yours.🙂

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Silent walk



We walked silently hand in hand.
My mind drifted between events
Way too many to count.

I worried about our future
While being comforted by the past —
We’ve always managed to make it.

We’ve come a long way.
We still have many roads to travel.
We’ve only just begun!

A tear filled my eye
As I let go of her hand
Watching her walk into her day.

I remember when her infant fingers
Gripped me tight.
I remember when her
Toddler fingers fought to pull away.

I now cherish the moments
When she wants to hold my hand
For as she grows I have to give her freedom.

She too is torn between growing up
And still being my baby.
I cherish when she hugs me tight.

I walked silently hands in my pocket
Grateful to be given the chance
To be her mom to hold her hand again.


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Watch Him work His Magic!



Our best ideas and efforts
Are no match
For God’s Master Plan!

Believe in His power.
Have faith.
Watch Him work His Magic!

He’s got you
He’s got your future
He’s got this!!!


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Originally published: December 8 2016
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Made up stories.
Joyful indifference.
Twisted tales of undesired fairytales.
Gleeful independence.
All to hide the truth
That deep down all we need is love.


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Contents compiled: December 8 2016
Originally published: December 8 2016
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