Poetry, Short Stories

Field of dreams…


She was the typical city girl —
Never cared much for the country life.
A friend’s request to escape for the weekend
Was met with some resistence
But in the end there she was on a huge ranch.

She slept in the first day
Waking to the sweltering 10am sun.
Too hot to do much outdoors by end of breakfast,
So indoors she stayed til the sun took the heat with it.

She admired the moon and stars;
Enjoyed the coolness of the night;
Resolved to rise early perchance to explore —
To discover the hidden treasures of her surroundings.

She rose early as promised,
Packed a basket of goodies,
And in ‘red ridinghood’ fashion set out for the day.
Impressed,  they all looked on in amazement —
Which one of them would have to rescue her?

The day wore on towards the setting sun.
She had not returned. They feared the worst.
They set out to search,  spread out in many directions —
Calling her name; no response; their hope grew wary.

Then,  there she was, finally found,
Laying in a field of cucumbers fast asleep!
I guess she discovered her treasure — How strange!
Who knew a city girl would find cucumbers so fascinating?

Contents written: July 25 2016  |  Originally published: July 26 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


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