The Faithful Cheerleader


She’ll praise your efforts
Because praise is something
She rarely garnered in her youth.

She’ll be elated at your success
Because she a survivor of routine 
Criticism and anticipated failure.

She’ll encourage you to greatness
Because she knows the significance
Of hard work and sacrifice.

She’ll show you her heart,
Because she’s seeks a warmth
She always needed but seldom received.

She’ll embrace your sadness
Because she knows how lonesome
This cruel world can make one feel.

She won’t take you for granted
Because she comprehends
How easily life can slip away.

She’ll be your faithful cheerleader
Because all she wants
Is to have someone cheer for her too.


Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: October 8 2016
Originally published: October 8 2016
Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


9 thoughts on “The Faithful Cheerleader”

  1. “It’s a trap.” I’d tell you after I’ve climbed out, but I know now that you won’t hear me as you busily chew through your own leg. It’s the pain that will finally bring your head up, the pain you inflict on yourself is the only thing that can drive you out of the pit.

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  2. Sorry, I should have been more exact. The poetry pulled a stream of consciousness out of me! In my personal experience, the faithful cheerleader has a finite lifespan, she can’t be maintained. Being that girl is exhausting, especially if she’s doing all that, hoping against hope that someone will realize those things are exactly what she needs. Too many people love their faithful cheerleader and think she does all that because she loves to do it, not ever realizing she’s trying to show someone, anyone, how to love her.

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    1. Ahhh, thanks for clarifying. ☺
      You’re right, it can be exhausting and she or her efforts can be taken for granted. But she does it anyway because she want to do things differently. She doesn’t want to inflict hurt like she was hurt. She wants to show love. She hopes her efforts will not be in vain.

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    2. Yeah that’s why it’s better to be rebels and punks 😀 Though this poem made me think maybe cheerleaders were actually sad even though they have to act perky all the time. But it must be sad to always have to cheer for someone else, and your big accomplishment is that you cheer for someone else.

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      1. It’s fun to cheer for others. I actually enjoy seeing others succeed. But it’s sad when the same doesn’t happen for me.

        Although, I’ve been very blessed to have a few faithful cheerleaders cheering for me lately and I must say it feels wonderful.

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  3. That’s OK. ☺
    It’s funny how little things trigger memories and the brain goes off on a tangent! Been there many times.


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