Nothing replaces love



For many of us
Love is simply
An elusive dream —
A dangling carrot before our eyes.

Sometimes we stop chasing,
Giving up on the hope
That such a thing
Exists for us.

We try to replace
That emptiness we feel
With things money can buy
But the void still remains.

Money can buy us comfort
And afford us the things
We need or want.
But sadly, it cannot buy love.

A life lived
Without someone to care
Can be awfully lonely.
Alas, nothing replaces love.


Image source: Google images
Contents written: September 15 2016
Originally published: September 15 2016
Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

17 thoughts on “Nothing replaces love”

  1. Originally joking, but thinking about it; there are many types of love; romantic, filial, parental, friendship, admiration, pets hit right at the crossroads of unconditional, parental. It would be a mistake to try and fill the void of romantic love with a pet, and it wouldn’t work. But having the most perfect husband in the world I can tell you a husband can’t fill the void of not having a pet either. But really I was just being silly. Love your blog<3

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    1. Oh I understood the “silly” but I love the expansion of the comment. A human cannot replace the unconditional love of a pet. You are absolutely right!

      Thanks for this bit of stimulating feedback. I love that you’ve pointed out all the different forms of love. ☺

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  2. If that could replace there would have been another word for love.
    I am inspired by your words which makes me feel to make you share my some posts.
    Here are the links:



    enough for now, if you have the time you can go through and express your feelings.
    Fondest Regards,

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