The Selfish Talker


Succinct, your stories are not!
You ramble on incessantly
As if to not need air.

I fear your phone calls
For you never let me speak.
My sentences become hijacked.

You trample on my words
As you speed on to
The next topic about yourself.

I wonder if the only reason you call
Is to hear yourself speak.
Why not just chat with your mirror instead?

My opinions only matter
When you need my advice,
Otherwise your own voice is all that’s heard.

Come to think of it
That’s not a conversation
It’s a monolog!

And to be honest,
The story never changes,
It’s always about you!


Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: September 22 2016
Originally published: September 22 2016
Copyright Β© 2016 Moylom Enterprises


26 thoughts on “The Selfish Talker”

    1. Glad you can relate. It’s so infuriating! It suck the life out of me when I’m around such folks.

      Hope you’re having a great day. Hugs ☺ 🌷

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      1. Thanks. ☺
        I can enjoy summer but the early or late hours are best just to avoid the sun. The humidity makes it hard to breathe. Collar Temps are easier on my lungs. Don’t know why.

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  1. Is it jealousy that wrote this poem ? Some talk about them selves (irrelevant details) but do everything for others. And never talk about what hurts them , it is always entertaining to listen to them….they are master storytellers. Excellent counselors and important negotiators. They can talk you out of suicide, homicide and even sexul assault. Love of talking is a must before you get others to talk.


    1. No it’s not jealousy at all. It’s mostly frustration.

      It’s wonderful to be a good storyteller or have the ability to negotiate or help someone in a crisis. Those are all wonderful skills to have. But being a good conversationalist requires an additional set of skills. One must understand the importance of taking turns — reciprocity — giving someone else the opportunity to speak without interrupting — Active listening.

      Active listening means if some is speaking you respond with appropriate gestures, comments or questions. Passive listening is allowing someone to speak without a response. The person is unaware if you comprehend or are even listening at all.

      An ideal conversation incorporates reciprocity and activity listening — allowing the other person to speak while acknowledging you are actually listening.

      The person i speak of always interrupts, then interjects her own story before I can even finish what I’m talking about and basically hijacks the entire conversation.

      She does this to other people as well. It’s rather annoying and in some cases disrespectful. Sometimes I have to stop her and say, “wait let me finish”, because I know she always switches the conversation back to her or what she wants to talk about.

      There are instances, if I have time, that I’ll just let her talk til she’s exhausted, it’s only then she’ll ask how I’m doing or be willing to let me speak without rudely interrupting. To me that’s just selfish!

      How would you feel or respond to someone who does that to you?


    1. Yes, me too.
      Listening takes a great skill and is very different from just hearing and moving on.

      It think a lot of the problems in the world today it that we don’t take the time to ‘really’ listen. We’re so busy with our own problems that we fail to put ourselves in others’ shoes — We hear but we don’t list so we can’t respond appropriately.

      Hope you’ve been well.
      Pardon my sporadic visits lately, getting back to the school rhythm is leaving me a bit tired. Munchkin just started kindergarten. ☺

      I’ll be stopping by over the weekend. Hugs 🌷

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      1. Oh, please don’t apologize! I’m appreciate it when people do read my blog, but completely understand when they are too busy to do so….we all have our “regular lives” to lead and sometimes those get in the way.
        And I agree that the lack of truly listening is the cause of so many problems today. We don’t really hear what others are saying so we have no hope of understanding them. And without understanding, there can be no peace. It’s sad, and also a bit scary.
        Take care, and enjoy your Fall! Hope kindergarten is a fun experience for your little one!

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      2. Indeed! Your words are very true.

        Munchkin is loving her class so far. She has a great teacher. It’s a dual language class so she comes home speaking Spanish. I love it! I now have to dust off what little I remember from highschool but it’s fun! I enjoyed French better than Spanish but it’s all good. I have to remember this is about her and not me reliving my youth 😁

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