Do Not Withhold Love As Punishment

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Do not withhold love
As punishment
For love should not be
Love freely.
Love deeply.
Love sincerely.
It’s is ok to dislike
Someone’s behavior
But love them completely.
~Moylom Enterprises August 16 2016~

Contents written: August 16 2016  |Originally published: August 19 2016  | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

4 thoughts on “Do Not Withhold Love As Punishment”

    1. I agree.
      My 4 yr old daughter asked me one day, “why did you call me honey even when I’m being naughty?”
      I told her even if you are having time out for being naughty that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped loving you. I just don’t like your behavior. She said, “thank you mommy!” then gave a big hug. That one bit of dialog made me realize how important that lesson is for all relationships/friendships.

      Always happy when you stop by. Have a great day! ☺ 🌷

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      1. I use to tell my two daughters essentially the same thing. We always love our children. It’s never about our love for them, but about actions etc that aren’t always acceptable. This can be applied to all of our relationships. Wishing you a fantastic Friday. 🙂

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