You matter…

We all want to matter!
We all want to know
That someone cares.
We all want to know
That our efforts
Are not in vane.

But just remember…

You are loved,
You are wanted,
You are cherished
By the one who made you.
He wants nothing more
Than the best for you.


Accept His love,
Let Him hold you,
Let Him comfort you,
Let Him be the one
You run to
In good times and bad.


His arms are wide open,
Always ready to hold you tight,
Because He knows how
To love you better than any other.
~Moylom Enterprises August 20 2016~


Contents written: August 20 2016  |  Originally published: August 20 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


27 thoughts on “You matter…”

      1. I mostly write, probably a lot more than you realize. I love reading. I also like singing, although I am not good. I talk to my friends. I rollerskate. I read the Bible. I cook strange experiments that tend to end badly.. 😂 I play with my little brothers a lot, too. And piano. My life in a nutshell.. 😂

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      2. Well those all seem normal and quite gratifying. I haven’t been able to see your work lately. Is there a transitional period as you modify your blog? I do enjoy tour work. ☺🌷

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Nope, here is the new link to my blog: isabellasimonssong.wordpress.com. The content is different now. I post poems all weekdays and Bible studies everyday.. I am in the book of Mark now.. I also put up short stories on Saturday and specials on Sunday.. Or at least, I try to. 😂 I am still working about my schedule..

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      4. When I click on your Gravatar it takes me to the old site but there’s a message saying the site is no longer available.

        I think there’s a way to change that in the Admin section where you insert the new website so clicking on the Gravatar takes viewers to the new site instead of the old.

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      5. 😂 Explains why I haven’t seen both of you around my blog for a while.. I definitely get that fixed ASAP.. thanks for telling me, I never would have known..

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      6. Glad that got sorted out.
        Going to watch a bit of Downton Abbey. Been waiting for the last season to appear on Amazon prime so I have some catching up to do. ☺
        Hope I was able to cheer you up a bit. Sleep well when you do. Hugs🌷

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      7. I tend not to feel his presence in my life. But I saw something today that really encouraged me. It was this post in my feed and it was exactly what I was going through. Isn’t it amazing how God will lonely give us what we can handle? I am grateful for your kindness. Thank you for being so encouraging and loving.

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      8. Happy to help if I can.
        I have a confession though, the post, ‘You Matter’ which I posted today, was not planned. I was looking for something to repost from my archives when I stumbled upon the first few lines but they were within another post. I used those lines and changed the context and created a brand new post. However, as I added to the content it seemed as if the words were not my own. It’s as if God was using me to send a message. I am now convinced it was indeed Him speaking through this medium.

        God is always with us. Sometimes in seeking Him we must put into use the knowledge of Him we’ve acquired in our walk with Him. Study His word, put down the Bible, and put His words into action. Then you will see Him working through you.

        He is always close, just be still and listen for His voice. Be aware and feel His presence, even in the people around you. Hugs🌷

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      9. Just trust that He has great plans for each one of us. Keep writing. Pouring out those thoughts helps to clear the mind and puts things in perspective. I often get much clarity when I simply write whatever comes to mind. By the time I’m done things start to make emote sense. ☺

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