Crunchy Carrot and Chickpea Salad

Here’s another Summer Salad recipe from a new blog I just discovered. Adding ingredients to my shopping list as we speak! Enjoy! 🌷

August 13 2016

In the Pursuit of Happiness

IMG_3789While I was at university in Edinburgh my favourite haunt was, without a doubt, Peter’s Yard in Quartermile. It is just around the corner from the university library and getting lunch there would be my daily treat during exam and dissertation periods when I barely did anything other than sit in the library, little did I realise back then how much I would miss those days when I started work!

Peter’s Yard specialises in the most delicious and fresh Scandinavian food with a wonderful choice of open sandwiches, salads, soups and now super thin crust pizzas in their sister restaurant just around the corner. Their breakfasts were also amazing and came on an old fashioned tin tray with fresh orange juice, fresh sourdough, cheeses, yogurt, fruit compote and jams.

Whenever I’m back in Edinburgh now, Peter’s Yard is the first place I go and the high ceilings, bright and airy…

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33 thoughts on “Crunchy Carrot and Chickpea Salad”

  1. I have no particular interest in food, actually when I see myself in a mirror …? I believe to see one of those poor souls from the German concentration camp! I hate going to public baths and to the beach … because of how mager? ( thin ) I am … if you hold a candle behind my back you can get an ex ray of me. But a man of value will give more than he receives he will give his body and soul! This way all that is left of me to give … is my soul! And that belongs to God . Have a great weekend my friend.( strangers are just friends we have not yet met.


      1. No not realy … it’s secondary … we give it too much importance AND I find it very unfair that I can eat whatever I like and someone else is starving to death! It started after having seen a film named The end is my beginning ( from a book written by Tiziano Terzini… a legendary “war reporter” From Spiegel.

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      2. Hmm, interesting. So are you starving yourself on purpose to offer support to the less fortunate?


      3. No not that far! I am very “picky?” What I eat. I love food … but I know what it feels to hunger ( physically ) try not eating for let’s say two days. Drink though … That’s a must. Stay without eating till you feel the REAL necessity to eat. Then you will understand what I mean.

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      4. That won’t work for me. I have a very high energy lifestyle and a young kid to care for by myself so I must keep my health and energy up. My days are very long so if I don’t eat I will fall ill. Who will care for my kid if I’m not well? That is a scary thought.

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      5. Ok, not to worry. You must be tired. It is 8pm here. Was nice chatting with you. We can chat another time. Go get some rest. Thank ☺ 🌷

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      6. I can explain my every moment of every happening … using a clip of a film I have seen! It’s the world I flee to and reigns over me! I have a page on all the films I have seen and like … and those are only the ones I have seen legally ( outhers with outhers like Movie 2k for eg.? )

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      7. I agree. Be your true self. Allow others to see the real you. It is best to be loved for who you really are than to pretend to be something you are not. Just be yourself.

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  2. What is more important to you? ( the answer I can guess … but it’s not fair from me to say … because at the end … You’re right! It’s a matter of “opinion “. Are our bodies more important than our souls? Please I do not want to offend anyone especially you.

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    1. They are both important.
      We need our bodies to be well to enjoy the life we have to help us fulfill our purpose here on earth. But our soul also needs nourishment for there is a world beyond this life where a godly soul that puts us closer to God, our heavenly Father, is what we strive to have. I would like to go to heaven but I also know life here is worth living. Live to the fullest. That was one of my posts today. ☺

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      1. Yes 3 and a Grandchild … ther’s a picture of my children , wife and a lot more on my blog … you just need the patience to find them. I really put far too much personal information on my blog. I hope they forgive me. From my Grandchild? … very little I respect the wishes of my Son and put close to nothing about her … apart from how much I love her!

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    1. Ok that’s wonderful.
      I’m so busy, I don’t have as much time for movies as I used to. But I will fit that back into my life more and more as time goes by.

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