A walk into the darkness…


You took them from me
And locked them away for safe keeping.
You knew I wouldn’t need them anytime soon
You knew they only brought sorrow and pain.

Ah, yes, the memories —
All those things done to me.
The loss, the hurt, the tears, the fear,
The struggle, the sleepless nights toiling,
The sleep-filled days just to escape reality.

It’s amazing, as I now realize,
The things a human mind is capable of:
Protecting me when I knew not
How to protect myself;
Defending me at times
When I seemed defenseless.

Oh no, what have you done?
That memory? I need it now!
But you do not hear me
For you’re too busy
Doing what you best —
Shielding me from harm.

I’ll get to it eventually I know —
A thought here, a flash there,
And before long the floodgates will open —
The memory I want will be found,
But you know all too well it won’t stop there.

That’s what you’re afraid of, isn’t it?
The other stuff — The bad stuff.
I know… I understand… But guess what?
I’m not afraid anymore.
I’m willing to face those fears now.

I’ve found new reasons to live in the light,
The darkness is too cold and lonely.
I need warmth — his warmth.

Those memories must be unearthed
For I must share those parts of myself —
It’s the only way he’ll understand all of me.

Doors once closed must now be opened.
To love again I must give him a tour —
That dreaded walk into the darkness.

Contents written: May 14 2016 | Originally published: May 15 2016  | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

14 thoughts on “A walk into the darkness…”

    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment. It means a great deal. ☺

      I must admit that personal pieces are tough to post but they are some of my best work as it forces me to dig deep. These pieces are also a form of therapy so once the piece goes live it frees me of the burden of carrying my thoughts alone. To know my words touched even one soul is a saving grace in and of itself.

      Hello from across the pond! Happy weekend 🌷

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello back at you (he hollered from England) how’s life on your side of the world? 🙂
        As far as freeing myself from the burden of thoughts goes, I use a very extreme form of poetry called the To-Do List. It can be very scary to use such a method because it involves something quite innovative: doing something about whatever is bugging me! 😀
        Top of the list for me is always ‘find a sensitive and caring attitude to your fellow travellers’ and I have tried to do this, but all I seem to find is a warped sense of humour. Hey-ho – that’s life.
        Hope you’re having a great day …
        Kind regards – Robert.

        Liked by 1 person

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