Short Stories

What Do Your Actions Say?



Do your words match your actions?
Can you be counted on to keep your promises?
Our actions have a way of showing our true intentions.
What do your actions say?






Contents written: August 6 2016 | Originally published: August 11 2016 | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

9 thoughts on “What Do Your Actions Say?”

  1. Transparency is not valued in dangerous circumstances.
    Many hide their motives and camouflage them in opposite actions.
    Environment should be terror free, egalitarian, conducive for actions to tell your truth.

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  2. Do my words match my actions? Yes, they do.
    Can I be counted on to keep my promises? Yes, I can.
    My actions say:
    I always keep my word.
    Betray me and we are through.
    I would rather live alone with honor than with somebody who has none.

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