Short Stories

Please tell her I love her…

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From birth until now
She has had to fight
For her independence.

An emotionally distant father,
An emotionally abusive mother,
An entire childhood of low self worth.

Mental games, manipulation,
Blackmail, control tactics —
It’s a miracle she made it out alive.

Her battle scars
Are wrapped around
Her mind, heart and soul.

Forty years is a long time
To be in battle.
No wonder she’s tired!

I don’t pity her,
She doesn’t want or need that,
She needs my love much more.

It’s so easy to love her,
But she resists —
She thinks she needs to earn it.

When I tell her
My love is unconditional
She cries in humility.

She just can’t understand
How she deserves
Such an untethered gift.

She has gone so long
Without true love
She finds me too good to be true.

Her battle scars
Are her pride and joy
In them she has found character.

If only she knew
I’d happily fight for her —
If only she’d let me.

Sometimes I think she forgets
I gave my life for hers once.
Will you please tell her I love her?



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Contents written: May 17 2016  |  Originally published: May 18 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

43 thoughts on “Please tell her I love her…”

  1. It makes me paused and think for a moment about the story as if it reminds me to where I am in my shoes now.
    Does these we call a coincedence or is it true or it was just a dream.
    Thank you for sharing. I found them very beautiful.
    Big hugs to you.

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    1. Yes, absolutely!
      Taking time to reflect helps us gain perspective on our present situation and helps us better understand what to do to shape a better future.

      Reflect, Adapt, Move Forward. ☺

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    1. It’s unfortunate that you think that.

      God never leaves us. We are the ones who walk away from Him. All He asks is we acknowledge His presence, accept His love, and understand He’s with us always. He gave His son Jesus, to save us, why would He leave us after all that?

      Such a profound display of love fills me with hope and helps me press forward to a brighter tomorrow.

      To lose hope means we reject His love, have given up on ourselves and a chance of happiness.

      It’s all about perspective. ☺


      1. Don’t misunderstand. I believe in God, always have and always will. He just always said no to me so I have accepted it. Maybe I bothered Him too much. I don’t even ask him to be with my children anymore….and that was always the #1 thing I prayed for.

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      2. I get that.
        Sometimes what we hear as no is Him not saying no but instead saying “Not Yet”.

        There are many things I’ve prayed for that I saw work out differently than I asked but in the end the lessons I learned were ten times more valuable. We simply have to trust that God has a plan and He’s working things out for the best. We may not understand it now but if we’re patient all would be revealed when the time is right. ☺


      3. I understand. I also believe that messages are sent by angels…but man!
        I was almost beaten to death by my mama. I was hated by my sisters. I married an asshole who had a drunken mama who treated me like garbage. The asshole treated me and our children like dirt…ran around on me, gave me an incurable disease and flaunted other women in my face.
        Was that Gods’ way of saying “hold on for another sixty-five years and things will get better?”

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      4. I’m speechless. This truly aches my heart for I too have felt unloved for many years.
        I’m 42 and my journey of self discovery and learning to love myself in spite of the love I didn’t get from others has been a long one.


      5. The first thing I did in the name of self preservation was to distance myself from toxic situations and the list is rather long:
        – my mother (verbally abusive, very controlling)
        – boyfriends, work situations and other friendships (users, manipulators, self-serving)
        – husband (verbally abusive, physically abusive)

        I don’t function well in toxic situations and I rather sever ties that subject myself to it.


      6. Sometimes there needs to be distance so you can focus on finding strength. It’s only because my mom and I are under separate roofs and many miles apart that I can now be civil with her. I need that distance for my own sanity.

        I think your primary focus should be yourself now. Focus on healing for you and not for anyone else. ☺


      7. It’s ok. They are all grown and very capable of visiting if they ‘wish’ to. It’s gonna be tough but after all this time of leaving yourself undone there needs to be a shift.


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