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“So where’s the mister?”

On Friday, February 5 2016, we were blessed to have a new addition to the family. Her name is Meena. It took three people to deliver her: one to push,  one to pull and one to watch! Men!!!  I felt like I was at a construction site. Why does it take so many guys to do one job?

In all honesty, Meena was a lot bigger than I expected,  and when they brought her to me I thought they were mistaken, but the information checked out and,  yep,  she was mine, all 200 pounds of her, and she’s gorgeous! What do you think?


See,  Meena is one of the Christmas presents I got myself in a sweet post-holiday sale. We also got a new sofa,  and a few things for the bedroom but only Meena got named. Perhaps because she’s the most expensive  appliance I’ve ever bought outside of the treadmill and embroidery sewing machine I purchased years ago but no longer have. And perhaps because she’ll be earning her keep with my enormous laundry duties as my previous washer just couldn’t keep up.

I’ve wanted Meena for a long time, much like I’ve wanted my munchkin. Don’t get me wrong, I was blessed to have two wonderful boys, but though I wanted to be a mom I wasn’t quite ready, I was young. I love my darling boys but the experience was quite different with them as mom disrupted many opportunities for us to bond adequately and this caused quite a bit of friction over the years. Many things didn’t go according to plan and I wished I’d done some things differently. Munchkin, was my last chance to make up for all the mishaps, and when she finally came I was married and ready to be settled. Also, I handpicked my dog from the animal shelter because I was ready for a pet.

Meena is a dream come true. She’s part of the family now and will play an integral role, hopefully bringing many years of “joy” to our temporary home and even more when we find someplace more permanent in the future.

When I opened the door, I was taken aback by how big she was. Yes I measured the space etc, but the picture in my head didn’t match what she actually looked like. It looked smaller online, probably because it wasn’t standing next to an actual household item. Oh well… She’s here, she’s healthy, so she stays!

As the delivery guys wheeled her in, Guy #1 asked,

Where do you want to put this bad boy?

Bad boy? Why did he assume it was a boy? Couldn’t they see her girly features?


Look at those cute, round buttons?


She’s so adorable!


Everything about her says she’s a girl! But I guess stuff like this happens all the time. That’s why mom’s dress new babies in distinct colors to quell all the confusion. On second thought, I should have ordered it in pink? I’m certain munchkin would have loved that! ☺

But back to the guys…
They rolled her into place, plugged her in, then attempted to connect the hoses promptly informing me they were not allowed, by company policy, to attach hoses under the sink, so as not to be held liable for any leaks.


Not that I’ll say anything should there be a leak, but okay, no problem, just tell me where they go and I’ll do it myself, it’s no big deal!

With that, Guy #2, probably assuming I’d make a mess of things, got under the sink and attempted to screw in the connections. Ten seconds later her emerged,

the hoses are too short, you need longer hoses.


Wait! What? I paid extra for reinforced hoses, why do I now need to purchase new hoses?

Guy #1:

Because a standard connection, where the hookups are on the wall, the hoses only need to be 4 feet long and that’s what these are. But since yours need to reach under the sink, you’ll need 6 foot hoses.


Damn! So you mean I can’t test drive this baby today? I wanted to make sure it worked before you guys left! Ok, just tell me what to buy and I’ll hook it up myself.

Meanwhile, Guy #3 has been standing off to the side the whole time just looking. Not quite sure what his role was as he never said a word. Perhaps moral support? (Men, I really don’t get this. Here’s your chance to enlighten me… I want to learn the meaning of your ways!!! )

Guy #1:

So where’s the mister?


There’s no mister. I’m the ‘Jane of all trades’ around here. Tell me what needs to be done and I’ll do it. That hose you see under there, I connected that myself for use with my tiny washer, which is now in the closet. Just write down what I need so I don’t forget!

And with that, he wrote on the back of the delivery forms what hoses I needed to buy, I signed the papers, gave them a tip, and they were gone.

Twenty minutes later (maybe less), my washing machine was connected via the VERY hoses with which it came. That extra hose from the previous washer, served as an extention for the ONE HOSE that was too short to reach the hot water inlet. Voila, problem solved and money saved!

See guys? It’s never good to underestimate a woman!


Meena is quite, does her job beautifully and is already a huge asset to us. All those nights of laundry duties just to keep up are gone now. I can now slow my pace to two large loads every three days. Whew, what a relief! I can finally get some rest!!! Munchkin and I are still at odds over the final name since she flops back and forth between Meena and Cinderella. I just have to convince her that she, whatever her name is, is NOT a toy! (Thank goodness I purchased additional 5 yr warranty. If they can’t fix it they’ll replace it.)

So what do you think of my Meena?
Which name do you prefer?
Do you have names for your the things you can’t live without?

As always, thanks for stopping by. Go hug your favorite appliance and have a great day! 😀


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