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I showered and dressed.
In the quiet of the bathroom
I could hear the sound
of scissors clipping
in the other room.


Me (thinking):
Hmm,  is she cutting up paper again?


As I open the the bathroom door
I heard the shuffle and rattle
of her trying to shove
the box of toys under the bed.
In her hand was a pair
of very sharp scissors.



I’m cutting my hair!


Horrified at her response,
I froze with my mouth wide open.



Well you’ve been promising
to cut my hair for a long time
because it’s so tangled!

Plus, I’ve been asking you
for the scissors for 3 days!
Three days mom!

I finally found them today.
You took too long mom
that’s why I had to do it myself!!!



I was puzzled:
first by her logic,
second by her tone of voice, 
third by her facial expressions
and fourth by her hand gestures.

I wasn’t sure if to be amused, 
because she gave a response
I would give or
be horrified or mad
at what she just did!

I looked at her head,
There were chunks missing.
I pulled out the box,
There were several clumps —
Her ponytail was gone!

I reached for her hand
to guide her to the bathroom
since the light was better there.
She backed away.


Mom, are you going to punish me?

No dear.
You’ll have enough punishment
when you go to school tmrw.

Will my teacher punish me?

No dear, but I’m sure
she’ll wonder what happened!


Silently we walked to the bathroom.
I declined to explain what I meant

by my statement regarding
her punishment at school
as I didn’t want her to think
staying home was an option.

Upon further inspection
I figured there was enough
length left in some places
to do a creative combover.

Thankfully,  her hair is curly.
That helped to camouflage
much of the damage.
I would have to write her teacher
a note.

Perhaps it would read
something like this:

“Dear Ms S,
Please pardon my daughter’s hair
but it was all her doing
and not my version
of ‘Haircuts Gone Wild!’ ”

Munchkin could see
the horror on my face.
She was confused
she wasn’t punished.

She was confused
that I was mostly silent
with the occasional mumble,
“What did you do?
What did you do?”

In her attempt to console me
she said something interesting.


Mom,  it’s okay!
There’s no need to worry.
My hair will grow back!

You cut your hair all the time
and it grows back, right?
Well mine will grow back too!

Yes,  you’re right!


In that moment
I stopped worrying
and we both went to bed.

But it wasn’t until morning
as I was getting her
ready for school
did I discovered
more clumps of hair
were falling out.
The damage was
worse than I thought.

I concealed my displeasure.
She was going to school
at all costs!
This is her problem today.
A combover is all I can muster
when the school bus is only
10 minutes away.

I scribbled a note to her teacher
and we dashed out the door.

She returned from school that day
and the next in good spirits.
No one had made fun of her
and there were no requests
from her to stay home from school
because of her hair.
Perhaps no one noticed!

But the damage
was apparent to me
and I had to fix it
so her hair grew back evenly.

Everytime I take a shower
my daughter uses that opportunity
to exert her independence,
and without fail
my default exclamation has been, 

Thursday January 19 2017
was no different and I’m sure
there are many more incidents to come.

Thanks for reading about my adventures with my munchkin, ☺🌷




Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: January 23 2017
Originally published: January 23 2017
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard

28 thoughts on “WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?!!!!!”

      1. Totally. And my daughter’s hair had golden locks, you could stick a finger through the loop. After he cut it she no longer had those tight locks anymore 😦

        Liked by 1 person

  1. They all do it. My daughter clipped my son’s hair when he was little . Wait til she grows up. Mine told me she slept with her boyfriend . Told her it’s between the two of us . If her dad ever find out 😩


      1. Well, I fell for it, lol. Kids always know exactly what kind of face to pull (my niece is extremely good at that, for some reason). My day was okay, it could be worse, could be better. I hope you’re having a great day! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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