Short Stories

How was your weekend?



Hello lovely people!
It’s Monday. I used to hate Mondays but many things have been changing in my life recently so now I just see it as a start to a brand new adventure. Isn’t it funny how a change of scenery can realign ones perspective? I’ve been seeing the world in a whole new way.

My days have been busy lately, so forgive me if I haven’t visited your blog recently. I have quite a bit of catching up to do. As for the weekends, I usually rest on Saturdays and do chores on Sunday but last weekend was a bit different.

Here’s what happened:

– Career training all day
– Engaging with fun, new people
– Nope, no rest!!

– pancakes for breakfast
– laundry (5 loads)
– cleaning
– cooking dinner
– checking munchkin’s homework
– sorting out munchkin’s toys
– catching up with family (phone calls)
– a very long and exciting shower
– a bit of blogging
– bedtime around midnight
– Nope, still no rest… 😔

No I didn’t watch the super bowl! Gasp!!!
My TV is always on the Disney Channel. That’s what munchkin likes so she controls the TV (more or less). Honestly, I couldn’t be bothered. Sounds fun, right? 😂

So enough of my ‘Ramblings’, I’d hate to bore you to tears. What did you do over the weekend? Excited to hear all about it!

A ☺🌷




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Contents compiled: February 6 2017
Originally published: February 6 2017
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Because you love me



As I fell from the sky of dreams
I landed in your rainbow arms.
Your sensational lips kissed me passionately
And instantly, all the madness faded away.

Since my wings of hope had not yet dried,
I could not fly or be free.
So you carried me effortlessly
As if it were your destiny.

You saw into my love-starved soul
Stroked my tear-stained cheeks
And serenaded my fragile heart.
Your sweet melody lifted me high.

Never before had I been so close to anyone.
Your sensitivity comforted my brokenness,
Your  patience healed my wounded spirit,
Your smile floors me everytime. 

Flying seems effortless now;
With wings outstretched
I pierce the clouds to admire the new view.
My treasured one, I fly because you love me.


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Contents compiled: February 3 2017
Originally published: February 4 2017
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