Short Stories

The awkward high-five



I was expecting 7 heavy packages last week but was hoping to be home when they arrived. Thursday evening, as munchkin and I entered the building, the security officer announced that I had mail — lots of mail!

It was late, so I assumed I’d have to go collect all of them from the office the next day, one by one. But to my amazement the security officer said they were already delivered to our place upstairs and he had taken them up himself. Sweet!!! That was awesome service and this girl was certainly elated about that! He had made my day!

I gave him an enthusiastic ‘high-five’ when perhaps I should have given him a ‘grateful’ handshake. It was awkward but he played along (eventually). I know, you’re probably wondering what I was thinking, but I was just excited!

Alright,  alright, I have to admit that I’m one to give highfives from time to time. I don’t know why, they’re just fun! Right?? But they sure can be awkward if not reciprocated. Sigh… Oh well, I might have to stop doing that! 😔

So my question is this, what awkward thing do you do that perhaps should be retired from your repertoire?

Am I the only one who loves to give the occasional ‘highfive’?

Eager to hear your thoughts.

A. ☺ 🌷


Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: February 3 2017
Originally published: February 6 2017
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12 thoughts on “The awkward high-five”

  1. Better if you grab them and do a little dance, a jig perhaps, or a little western two step. I fist bump high five shake hands, hug all must be considered carefully before initiating, but what the heck. Whos afraid to be a fool now and then?

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    1. You crack me up! I am a hugger but then I thought I would have gone too far.
      But now I see I would have been safe. Seriously considering adding a little dance to options. Thanks for participating! ☺

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  2. Oh, that’s great! Why not let your happiness show? It sounds like it was received – eventually.

    Well, you ask what awkward thing we’ve done… I’ve noticed that when I’ve offered compliments it can become awkward. Sometimes, people deflect the compliment with “oh, gee, I don’t know about that” or “oh, I don’t agree, I’m really terrible at…” or the like. Other times I’ve gotten some silence followed by “Ok, what is it you want?”
    So, I’ve been taking a different approach which seems to be received better. First, I ask them if they’d like to hear a compliment.
    Yes, I ask their permission first.
    Most people brighten up at that and open their hearts a little to listen.
    Do your own experiment and see…

    Keep up the high fives! (although experiment with getting a little verbal or non-verbal cue beforehand)



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  3. I don’t give high-fives. I remember Loser started trying to do that “fist bump” thing with me. (I think he picked that up in the same bar he picked that WTC up in.)
    I told him I didn’t like it. I usually take a step back…no high-fives, no hugs and certainly no fist bumps.

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