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I laughed til I cried…


A few weeks ago, I spent the weekend catching up with family and friends. We are now scattered all over the globe and thanks to technology, when it works, keeping tabs is effortless. We shared many laughs,  a few horror stories,  cute pictures and of course well wishes.

The one underlying theme of all our conversations was,  had we not had the gift of laughter,  we would have no other option but to cry miserably for our trials would overwhelm us beyond measure.

In life,  after joy comes sorrow, but then,  by blessings from our loving God,  we laugh again. He knew we would need some form of solace — something to make things not seem so bad — so He gave us laughter. Of course, He blessed us with many other distractions and forms of comfort too, but laughter, oh what good medicine it is for our souls!

I attended a funeral on March 7th. It was for a great aunt I never knew. My being there was an act of moral support for my aunt, my dad’s sister, with whom I reconnected at the time of dad’s passing 3 yrs ago. Isn’t it funny how a funeral can also be an unofficial family reunion? Well this one was no different. Though brief, as we were all rushed to get home after a very long day, I exchanged many hugs with aunties and cousins I hadn’t seen in over 20 yrs. It’s safe to say this one event has bridged many many gaps left open for a long time, and since then we’re all making an effort to stay in touch. Sweet!

The funeral service was well attended and though it was a time for saying goodbye to our loved one, hearing tales of the woman they knew, told with a touch of humor, made the process less harsh, even pleasant. Yes, there were tears, many many tears, but there was also laughter to help soothe the pain.

I spent the rest of that week reflecting on my dad as the anniversary of his passing was fast approaching. Then I chuckled, as I always do when I think of the timing, April 1st being April Fool’s Day!!! Haha, dad always had a sense of humor. As a matter of fact, my brother and I thought it was a prank when we got the news of his death. But alas, it was no joke! Pop left us that day, and though our relationship was strained at times, I do have fond memories of laughter with him — Slap your knee, head back, from the belly, til you’re giddy, tears streaming down your face, rolling on the floor laughter. (RIP pop: Dec 19 1940 —April 1 2013)

So here are a few images I came across while writing this post which made me laugh hysterically. I needed to laugh in memory of dad. Though I am sad, I didn’t want to cry. So, here’s hoping you get a few chuckles too. Enjoy!








Thanks as always for stopping by. Take time to keep in touch with your loved ones, today and always, for you never know when they’ll be gone. Don’t forget to share a smile too. (^_^)

A. 🌷

Contents written: March 15 2016  |  ©2016 Moylom Enterprises


22 thoughts on “I laughed til I cried…”

  1. These are wonderful. Loved the one with the guy looking in the mirror at 3 a.m.

    You’re so right–we need laughter to get us through. Going to my husbands’ parents’ funerals three months apart was very stressful for my husband and his family (and me as I was so fond of his parents), but laughter got them through it. And I like to think that’s just how the departed would want it. Us remembering them with laughter through our tears.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thx, well said.

      My brother and I were remembering dad today and best memories are of him cracking up us. Then I sent him one of the images from my blog.

      Laughter is the one bond than my bro and I will always share despite family drama. We have the same sense of humor.

      Hope you’re having a nice day. Happy Friday. Always a pleasure when u stop by. Hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing my work with your audience. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Hugs 🌷


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