I’m leaving…


You demonstrated
Time and again,
That you didn’t really
Care about me,
So why are you now
Surprised that I’m leaving?

Why stay where
I’m not appreciated?
Why pretend
To your family and friends
That we’re a happy couple?

My days of charades
Are finally over.
It’s time for you to grow up,
But then again, don’t bother!

Don’t change for me;
Don’t make yourself unhappy
Just to please me,
You’ll only hate me for it
I don’t need that.

Change should only come
From a personal need to do so —
From within.

Do you see now why I must go?
Don’t cry, don’t beg,
Don’t try to reason.
You had many chances
And blew them all.

You are happy here
But I am not
And never will be.
This never was my home,
I was just “the help with benefits” —
Someone to cater to your every need
But always an after-thought to you.

How cruel!
Cruel for me,
But convenient for you.
I know I’m worth more than THAT,
I deserve more than
To be just a placeholder.

Thanks for the fun exciting times,
They created great memories
But you broke your promise to me
And now I know where I stand.
No more stringing me along…

Contents written: May 24 2016 | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


The Rain Event

rain event

I looked out my window
For a view of the ocean
But the rain was falling
And obscured my vision

I felt glum for a moment
And contemplated returning to bed
But the song of the rain drops
Held me captive instead

I tarried a while
To see puddles form
To see humans run for shelter
As it began to storm

Thunder and lightening
Later gave rise
To an even bigger down pour
Right before my eyes

It’s as if mother nature
Was putting on a show
For whomever had the courage
To sit in the front row

So front and center I sat
Amazed by her antics
I had come to see the ocean
But was not disappointed

Sometimes we try to see far ahead into the future, but fail to see (and appreciate) what’s right in front of us. Live in the ‘now’ claim your ticket for the front row!


*Originally published February 2015

Contents written 1.15.2015. Edited 1.21.2015,  2.1.2015, 2.15.2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises


You are not invisible…


You inspire me
To strive harder —
To realize my dreams —
To reach for the stars!

It’s been a while
Since anyone has done
That for me.

I feel blessed to know you
And look forward
To learning more
Of who you are.

I see you —
You are not invisible to me.
I don’t want to ever lose sight
Of our dynamic energy.

You complete me
In ways I never imagined,
That’s why I can’t help it —
I just love you and your beautiful soul.

Contents written: May 31 2016 | Copyright 2016 Moylom Enterprises


Voices Upstairs

Image source: Google images (coupled.com)


Voices upstairs, new to my ears.
You once spoke softly
In the wee hours of the morning,
Lovingly I assumed,
But now you yell,
Punctuating my morning slumber
With loud,  angry words
I cannot understand.

There is tension in my shoulders now,
Which travels down to my inner being.
It brings back memories of a time
I have long chosen to forget —
A time in my childhood I vowed never to repeat
But unfortunately could not escape.

To escape your loud rants though,
I rise and begin my day —
Praying for peace of mind —
My mind —
But perhaps I should pray for your peace as well.

Time passes —
I am no longer in my room,
And so your noise escapes me for a moment.
Then without really noticing,
There is silence again,
For it seems one of you
Has left for the day.

Gone one,
I silently wish your return be met with peace.
May you both rise tomorrow
Speaking softly like you once did,
In loving tones,
Reminding me of happier childhood times
When my parents carried on in like manner.
Well wishes to you both,  new neighbors …


*  Originally published May 2015

Contents written: May 25 2015 | Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises.

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Don’t Fight The Fever



Let the fever consume you.
Let the heat ravage you.
Let the ache that you feel drive you mad.
Let the sweat saturate you completely.

Forget the medicine, it’s not a cure.
Forget the doctor, he can’t help you.
Forget all thoughts of eradication.
Forget the fight,  just submit.

Let the fever run its course.
Let the fever do its job.
Let the fever strengthen you.
Let the fever heal you then set you free.


Image source: Digital Art by A ~I.R.B.
Contents compiled: February 12 2017
Originally published: February 13 2017
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Music is Oxygen, Short Stories

Are you happy with your life?

I grew up learning to appreciate the things I had because my parents were not rich and so I learned to wait patiently as they toiled hard to give me and my brother a comfortable life. We certainly were not spoiled and very early on I learned to cherish the things I’d been given.

Fast forward to today, and I’m teaching my munchkin the same lessons I’ve learned — to respect and appreciate how hard I have to work to give her the things she needs.

When you look at your life, do you wake up feeling blessed or are you unhappy and in need of a change?

Life, although difficult at times, can still be okay if we choose to focus on the positives. It’s all about perspective!



Song: “Fine Fine Life”, For KING and Country


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Contents compiled: September 29 2016
Originally published: September 29 2016
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Sweet moments



She wears a ring
But it’s not on her wedding finger
There are words inscribed
That he cannot read
So he asks to take a closer look
But it’s just an excuse
To hold her hand

[This is Part 2 of a series entitled “Their Story”. See Part 3. Start from the beginning]

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