The Rain Event

rain event

I looked out my window
For a view of the ocean
But the rain was falling
And obscured my vision

I felt glum for a moment
And contemplated returning to bed
But the song of the rain drops
Held me captive instead

I tarried a while
To see puddles form
To see humans run for shelter
As it began to storm

Thunder and lightening
Later gave rise
To an even bigger down pour
Right before my eyes

It’s as if mother nature
Was putting on a show
For whomever had the courage
To sit in the front row

So front and center I sat
Amazed by her antics
I had come to see the ocean
But was not disappointed

Sometimes we try to see far ahead into the future, but fail to see (and appreciate) what’s right in front of us. Live in the ‘now’ claim your ticket for the front row!


*Originally published February 2015

Contents written 1.15.2015. Edited 1.21.2015,  2.1.2015, 2.15.2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises

8 thoughts on “The Rain Event”

  1. I love watching thunderstorms, and for most of my life lived on a body of water where it can be phenomenal to see. It could get a little scary when we were anchored somewhere in our boat and it was the dead of night, lol. But yes, it’s quite a show, if you’re up for it!

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