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Contents compiled: September 29 2016
Originally published: September 30 2016
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My survival song



Four years ago, this was the one song I played on a continuous loop. It was and still is my survival song. I survived abuse, fleeing for my safety, several relocations and then starting over from scratch.

As I look back,  I say with a full heart of triumph that I not only survived but now I also thrive. But it was not by my own will, it was because the Hurt met the Healer.

The Healer gave me the strength to push,  dig deep,  trust,  feel,  and finally live again. A part of me has died,  but like the Phoenix I rise again because of the Healer.

Perhaps you too have a survival story.
Perhaps you also have a survival song.
Perhaps your Hurt was also met by the Healer.
Perhaps you now thrive, rising like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Rise my fearless ones.
Rise for better.
Rise for truth.
Rise for justice.
Rise because the best revenge against adversity is to thrive.

This is my survival song. Enjoy 🌷


Song: The Hurt and the Healer by MercyMe

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