My scars


I take great pride in my scars.
They are mine.
No one else can have them.
They speak MY story —
A story only I can tell.

To know me is to know my scars.
To love me is to love my scars.
My scars make me who I am —
I am unique.

I am uniquely scarred.
I call them my ‘Battle Scars‘.
I am a warrior, a fighter, a survivor —
And that’s just the first layer of me.

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Music is Oxygen

Life is a gamble



Life lessons come at us in different ways.
My mom loved this song,  and yesterday I was reminded of it while visiting another blog.

Have a listen and see what lesson this song teaches you. Enjoy! 🌷



Song: “Kenny Rogers – The Gambler (1978)”


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Poetry, Short Stories




Dull? Who me?
“Not I”, said she.
The drama that ensues
Around her daily,
Keeps her on her toes
But is making her crazy.

Change must come
A different kind of adventure.
She must not lose sight
Of the reason why she came here.
A better quality if life
Should not include pulling out her hair.

Rise above the chaos
She must on order to survive.
Shed the shackles of disappointment
Look upward to grow and thrive.
She’ll make it by God, one blessing at a time,
She’s grateful also, to friends by her side.


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Originally published: February 19 2017
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Music is Oxygen, Short Stories

Sometimes I get in the way

My dog is a powerful breed in both personality and physical strength. At 50+ pounds when she greets you hello she’ll push you over if you’re not careful. She never walks beside or behind me, instead, she’s always always out in front – – in the lead, sometimes even pulling me in the direction she wants to go. As a result our walking pace is pretty brisk, never a casual stroll, which can be frustrating at times. (I know The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, will shake his head disapprovingly should he hear of this).

Often, to get her to slow down I take her on a path she doesn’t know. If she doesn’t know where she’s going then she has no choice but to fall back and let me lead. That’s when her demeanor changes. She’s no longer on autopilot, she’s no longer pulling, but she finally stays close to my side because she’s unsure and sometimes visibly scared. This is when I console her and let her know it will all be OK. I rub her head, she looks up at me searching my eyes for sincerity and we press on.

This act of surrender and trust transforms her and in an instant I see my own behavior. I am admittedly strong-willed and have this need to be in control of my own destiny. This comes from my rebellion to break free from being controlled by family. But just like my dog, I’m so used to being on autopilot, up ahead in the lead, that I don’t stay at God’s side allowing him to guide me. It’s not until He takes me to uncharted territory, that I have no choice but to fallback as I’m essentially and hopelessly lost.

What a profound life lesson this has been that I could not keep it to myself.

I don’t want to get in the way of the work God needs to do in my life so I’m making a conscious effort to be the background for His performance. I’m learning slowly, and sometimes painfully, to let Him take the lead. I’m trying really hard to remember He knows best and would never leave me!

What awesome life lessons have you learned lately? Are you also guilty of getting in the way? Feel free to share your stories and of course, thanks for reading. Have a great day!





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The Proof Of Your Love

We need to prove our love.
Our words just aren’t enough!

~Moylom Enterprises August 17 2016~



Song: “for KING & COUNTRY – “The Proof Of Your Love” (Official Music Video)


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