The sweetest gift

the sweetest gifts
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I currently have 4 pears sitting in my fruit bowl as I patiently await their ripening.

My lovely munchkin doesn’t like pears but when they are handed out at school for a snack or with her school lunch she tucks them away in her lunchbox to bring home to me.

I told my teacher you like pears, mom, so she says I can give them to you as a gift. Do you like your gifts?

Absolutely! I always love the gifts you bring and yes, I love pears! Thank you so much for thinking of me. (big smile and big hugs)

You’re welcome, mom. (more hugs)

See, it’s the moments like these when being a parent feels the most rewarding. When the sleepless nights, the screaming (why do they scream when they play?), the insane tantrums that drive us bonkers, the stress when they won’t listen, the aggravation when they break everything, the worry when they’re sick… This is when it all seems worth it, FINALLY!

To all you parents out there, here’s to enjoying the good days and hope they soon outnumber the bad not so good ones!

Wishing you all a fantastic day.



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Short Stories



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Short Stories

Share the love…

We met at the glove aisle.
Well, it wasn’t an entire aisle, just a rack against a wall in a strategic location – – an after thought of sorts.

The rack was picked clean, and only the not so attractive items remained – – slim pickings on this frigid winter day.

You needed a scarf and gloves while I just needed gloves as my last pair were kidnapped by my eldest over the weekend. As I made my way through the fugly selection of women’s driving gloves and few faux leather men’s gloves, you approached and became visibly discouraged by the remnants. You were immediately drawn to the gloves in my hand since they were thick and super comfortable so I’m pointed them out on the rack but noted they were for women. You didn’t believe me as they seemed so masculine. I agreed and encouraged you to get them instead.

There’s no way I’d be able to wear these without getting a few strange looks!

You agreed, but not without grabbing a pair and proceeding to search for the section with scarves.

Of course, the good stuff was gone and we both busted out laughing when you held up a fuzzy puppy dog scarf appropriate for a 5 year old but certainly not a grown up. You said,

Now that’s a bit too much. Think I’ll pass!

I agreed and you put it back and headed off in search of something more suitable as we bade each other farewell and Happy New Year.

What a laugh that was!

I had been busy and rushing all day with not much time to rest or have a proper lunch. And there I was with only 10 minutes to spare to find a pair of gloves to fight off this New Year deep freeze before plunging neck deep into my rush hour commute.

That moment of laughter turned my mood around and gave me a smile to last the whole sardine-packed, train ride home. I needed that laugh and it came just in time!

I’ve shared this little anecdote to remind us to:

Brighten someone’s day!
Share a smile
Or better yet
Share a laugh.
You never know
When your kind gesture
Would make all the difference.
Share the love…


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Short Stories

Priceless moments…

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Image Source: Yahoo Images (drhousecleaning.blogspot.com)

That moment when
you potty train your kid
and you no longer need
to buy diapers:

Freaking awesome!

That moment when
the kid flushes a toy
and clogs the toilet hopelessly
(on a 3 day weekend
with no plumber in sight):



They can certainly
make us insane
but, hey, gotta love ’em.


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Short Stories

Fix me

Fix me
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You listened
When the others didn’t.
You made noticeable progress
In just two sessions
Which might have caused friction
With your superiors.
You had great plans
To heal me completely
But you were rebuked for your bravado…
I saw the deflated look on your face.

You asked questions
To get to the root
Of the my problem,
Then explained a
A possible plan of action.
You wanted to demonstrate your knowledge
But your superiors wouldn’t let you.

Too busy following protocol
To get the most out of the “system”,
They had their reasons
For shutting you down.
You’re new,
So I guess your zeal to heal
Will one day be circumvented
By an allegiance to the “system” too
But I secretly hope that doesn’t happen
For you are excellent at what you do.

How sad that the “system” is placed
Above the health of the patients!
Unfortunately, it’s the American way.
But for now your heart
Is in the right place,
For all you wanted
Was to make me well.
How frustrating it must have been
To be limited by their ulterior motives!

I just wish you were around
To finish what you started,
But your time was up
And now, so is mine.
Our paths may never cross again
But at least I’m glad to know
You sincerely wanted to “fix me”.

fix me 2
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Short Stories


The best thing about falling
Is knowing someone is there to catch her.
Letting go feels amazing!
No more walls to keep her safe,
Just freedom to be herself
And be accepted as she is.

[This is Part 6 of a series entitled “Their Story”. See Part 7 or Start from the beginning]

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