Coke vs Dr Pepper


Quick Fun facts about me:
1. I prefer Coke instead of Dr Pepper.
2. I never add ice to my drink since
     a) I get more drink for my money
     b) The ice makes my drink watery (and too cold)
3. Fast food is a rare event for us. We take lunch and snacks with us from home everyday. Saves a ton of money!

So which do you prefer,  Coke or Dr Pepper?


Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: March 2 2017
Originally published: March 2 2017
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard

27 thoughts on “Coke vs Dr Pepper”

      1. I have soda roughly every 6 months.
        I’d usually get water or sweet tea.
        There was no tea so I got coke ☺

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      1. It’s an acquired taste but I like it because it makes me feel full with just a little. When I try to drink as much water as is recommended I feel bloated and uncomfortable. Ugh!


      2. I used to order water with lemon when I went out to eat. (It’s called Southern lemonade.) I’d squeeze the lemon in it and put in a sweet n’ low and voila! I stopped doing that years ago though, when there was a warning that you never know who has handled those lemons! LOL

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