Short Stories

What happened to 15?



One, two, three, four, five,

Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,

Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, sixteen.



Fourteen, sixteen?

What happened to fifteen?


There’s no fifteen!

Now you’ve made me lose my place,

I have to start all over!


Okay, sorry.

Go on…


One, two, three, four, five,

Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,

Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, sixteen.

Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, eleven…


Wait! Stop!

After twenty

comes twenty one,

then twenty two,

then twenty three,

then twenty four!


I know, I know

But we’re not talking

about them today,

they are on holiday.

Stop interrupting!


Okay, so sorry!



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Lipstick bandit

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You blew through my mind like a tornado

Causing quite a stir as always.

It’s been a while since I thought of you,

Where have you been?


You stole my heart once

But it wasn’t yours to keep.

I was not yet ready

For the adventures you had in mind,

Nor the secrets you weren’t prepared to share.


You always knew how to make me smile though…

A little unsure, a little wild, a little twisted

But always sweet — to me anyway.

Thanks for returning my heart in one piece!


What brings you back to these here parts?

I thought you were gone for good!

Is it possible that I’m in your thoughts as well?

If so, thanks for thinking of me —

And thanks for the memories!


Hope you’ve been kind to yourself,

Or at least found someone

Who’s been treating you well.

You deserve to be happy,

I’ve always wanted that for you and still do.


Be well…

Contents written: September 15 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises


Stolen glances

stolen glances


Stolen glances
Two strangers
They coexist intermittently
Taking the same train home.

Stolen glances
No longer
They instead smile Familiarly
Months go by – – it’s a small world.

They sit together now.
They chat, or just ride silently
Reading, writing or listening to music
A familiar face is nice.

The next time they meet
Not on the train
But at the movies
Stolen glances no longer
But a warm embrace.

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*Originally published March 2015

Contents written: January 7 2015. Edited February 23 & March 14 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises


The best of me



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It hurt to know
She got the best of you,
When all the while
You got the best of me.

But I was only 23,
And little did I know
My life had just begun,
But I carried your words
With me all the years.

I always thought you cruel
To say those words to me,
But you knew I was a good listner
So I listened to you glow
Over the one who got the best of you.

Today I realize
The best of me
Was yet to come.
I still had a lot to learn;
I still had many tears yet to cry;
I still had many trials to face;

But now I know to whom
I wish to give my best
And alas, it’s not you
But God.

For it is He who really matters;
It is He who really knows me;
It is He who loves me
More than you ever could.

I wish I knew that then
But it’s ok
For I know it now.

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Mind vs body…


The mind is a powerful tool,
Capable of convincing the body
To do great things when in our youth.
But as age takes hold, the body rebels,
And the mind knows not to argue,
For it too has become wise with age.
It must now serve a new ‘purpose’ – –
Provide comfort, reassurance, solace
To its companion, the body,
For it knows all too well
How lonely life can be without it.
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