Lipstick bandit

Image source: Google images (pintrest.com)


You blew through my mind like a tornado

Causing quite a stir as always.

It’s been a while since I thought of you,

Where have you been?


You stole my heart once

But it wasn’t yours to keep.

I was not yet ready

For the adventures you had in mind,

Nor the secrets you weren’t prepared to share.


You always knew how to make me smile though…

A little unsure, a little wild, a little twisted

But always sweet — to me anyway.

Thanks for returning my heart in one piece!


What brings you back to these here parts?

I thought you were gone for good!

Is it possible that I’m in your thoughts as well?

If so, thanks for thinking of me —

And thanks for the memories!


Hope you’ve been kind to yourself,

Or at least found someone

Who’s been treating you well.

You deserve to be happy,

I’ve always wanted that for you and still do.


Be well…

Contents written: September 15 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises

21 thoughts on “Lipstick bandit”

  1. Super duper beautiful.

    There are situations when I’m jealous of the time but it only took shortly and fading them run away.
    True love teaches me to be more patience. Being understanding, having always have the thoughts of what he’s doing now? who prepares for his food? Who cook his favorite dishes like Grilled BBq. Tasty’s food, gourmet food recipes.. Who handed him water and wipes his face when he looks dehydrating in profused sweating while at work under the heat of the sun, who watch over him when he is sick…

    It is someone who looks always for the happiness.
    It is kind nor it is blind and rejoices in the truth that never ends. For the first time I had this kind of intense love.

    The piece written by “A” through emotions of life is very unique and impressive!

    An overciew view for me is “i want to grows old with you”. It is full of romance!

    Alls well!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha. Since I have zero imagination….I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. My therapist wanted me to write a story about my life….if it had been different. I never could do it….because I CANNOT imagine what a normal, loving life would have been like. I CANNOT imagine how it feels to be loved.


    1. We came to the realization that even though there was attraction we weren’t right for each other so that made it easy to have some closure. I need depth + fun. See was mostly fun.


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