Music is Oxygen, Poetry

The space in between


In between sleep and wake
I find a place that’s strangely familiar.
I dream of real life
While real life feels like a dream.
Is this my reality
Or am I dreaming?



Song: “the space between by dave matthews band lyrics”


Image source: Google images
Video source: YouTube
Contents compiled: March 7 2017
Originally published: March 7 2017
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard

4 thoughts on “The space in between”

  1. Interesting to see this today…but not really the same thing as the lyrics indicate. I stayed in bed this morning to hang in the place between sleep and being awake. It felt wonderful!

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    1. I know the lyrics aren’t the same but when I wrote the poem the words ‘the space between’ reminded me of the song. I love Dave Matthews Band! ☺

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