Back To One



Slowly find her way
Back to the place where she began.
Slowly finding her way
Back to a life without her best friend.

Slowly finding her way
Back to a world that’s incomplete.
Slowly finding her way
Back to one,  no more ‘we’.


Image source: Digital Art by A ~ I. R. B.
Contents compiled: December 21 2016
Originally published: December 21 2016
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard

19 thoughts on “Back To One”

      1. Glad you enjoyed the holidays.
        A bit tired today. Had trouble sleeping last night. Going to bed early tonight. ☺

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  1. It’s hard to express my neck-jerking reaction to such authenticity in this piece. I, myself, am recently adjusting to life without my own best friend. You’ve captured every emotion. Back to one is most necessary. Thank you for sharing. 💖

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    1. The loss is so great because we were best friends and so much more. He’s my soulmate. I’ve never been that close to anyone. He’s my soulmate in so many ways.

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      1. I remember when I wrote this reply and I remember how I felt and it gets better, I think about them sometimes but the pain of it no longer lingers as harshly as it used to. I’m glad I saw this again. What about you, how do you feel about it today?

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      2. The pain has in some ways subsided but I have flashbacks when I stumble on a random email from a year ago still in my inbox or a memory triggered by a random event. Time helps my brain forget, making new memories helps my heart to heal. Hope you’re in he healing process also. Hugs


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