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Tell me your quirks
and I’ll tell you mine.

Here are a couple of mine
Just to get the ball rolling.

1. I don’t like carpet. I prefer hard wood floors and trow rugs that can add lovely warmth to a room but can be picked up and cleaned/washed regularly.

My logic is, because carpet can’t be deep cleaned weekly it’s just a harbor for germs. I’m pretty finicky when it comes to germs.

2. If I’m grocery shopping,  I use produce bags to keep all my meat from touching the rest of my grocery. I do that for my cleaning supplies too.

3. If I get to the grocery checkout and the conveyor belt is dirty I will make them clean it before I put my groceries on there. Why? Because that liquid I see could very well be juices from meat.

4. I like things neat and organized. Chaos and clutter make me crazy.

So what are your ‘preferences’ that some might find ‘quirky’?

Do you think I’m ‘quirky’?


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Cooking for one



Diced potatoes and asparagus
Drizzled with
Roasted Red Pepper dressing.

Lightly salted;
Lightly flavored with
Dried Italian seasoning.

All ingredients
Tossed with a spoon
For even distribution.

Microwave 5 minutes,  toss. 
Microwave 5 more minutes,
Toss again.

Serve warm with grated cheddar
Or slightly chilled.

My munchkin is a very picky eater so
I don’t enjoy cooking as much as I used to.
Exposing her to new foods is quite a challenge and I often end up eating most of a cooked meal by myself over the course of a few days.

To get her to eat,  I have to make her favorites and mark my words, she’ll only eat it the first day and never touch the leftovers. This is not my child. I’m convinced she was switched at birth!!!

Nevertheless, I’ll continue exposing her to new foods and hope she’ll one day outgrow her fussy ways. But in the mean time, I’ve decided to make a meal just for myself as described above. I need to be catered to every once in a while, don’t you agree? It can’t always be about her!

So, if you’d like to try my latest ‘meal just for me’ here are the ingredients:
– 1 Irish potato (diced or cubed)
– 2 pieces asparagus (diced)
– dash of salt
– 2 tbsp roasted red pepper vinaigrette dressing
– parsley flakes (light sprinkle)
– dried Italian seasoning (light sprinkle)
– grated cheddar cheese (optional)

NB: the image above is burrowed from Google as I didnt think to take a photo at the time. Perhaps next time. ☺


Image source: Google images
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Originally published: March 18 2017
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