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Show and Tell



Tell me your quirks
and I’ll tell you mine.

Here are a couple of mine
Just to get the ball rolling.

1. I don’t like carpet. I prefer hard wood floors and trow rugs that can add lovely warmth to a room but can be picked up and cleaned/washed regularly.

My logic is, because carpet can’t be deep cleaned weekly it’s just a harbor for germs. I’m pretty finicky when it comes to germs.

2. If I’m grocery shopping,ย  I use produce bags to keep all my meat from touching the rest of my grocery. I do that for my cleaning supplies too.

3. If I get to the grocery checkout and the conveyor belt is dirty I will make them clean it before I put my groceries on there. Why? Because that liquid I see could very well be juices from meat.

4. I like things neat and organized. Chaos and clutter make me crazy.

So what are your ‘preferences’ that some might find ‘quirky’?

Do you think I’m ‘quirky’?


Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: March 18 2017
Originally published: March 18 2017
Copyright ยฉ 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard

20 thoughts on “Show and Tell”

  1. No, I don’t think your “quirky” at all. We all have our thing that we like to do. I’ve asked the grocery store clerk to clean off the conveyor belt before as well. I like lamps on in every room. My husband doesn’t like the large electricity bill. So, we compromise and I will only have my bedside table lamp on and three to four lamps in our living area which is the dinning room and living room. We do have 7 lamps in that room and if we are entertaining…then all 7 lamps are on. Most of them have lower soft light bulbs in them for that reason. It sets the mood and makes me happy. Call me the Lamp Lady. ha ha

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  2. Love hardwood flooring, with Persian rugs, I do like carpet in the bedroom and tile in the bathroom with in-floor heat. I do the shopping and cooking in my house. No care there as it all ends up in water treatment anyway. I’m kinda anal about loading the dishwasher but it makes sense to me. glasses loaded on top, back to front, cereal bowls on top loaded, front to back. Large bowls on bottom nested appropriately. I like dimmers on lighting and like adjustability mostly not full on unless reading or playing games and then just where that is happening

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    1. I’m particular about loading the dishwasher too. And I do enjoy the functionality of dimmers. โ˜บ

      So does that make us quirky or normal? ๐Ÿ˜

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  3. I don’t like carpet either. I don’t really grocery shop anymore. I have my Boost delivered. LOL
    I cannot stand it when somebody leaves a room and doesn’t turn the light off. I will absolutely not get into a bed that has not been”made up.”
    These are just a few of my quirks. LOLOL

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    1. Thanks for sharing.
      I feel the same way about a bed being made. I like coming home to a clean house. No dishes left on sink, beds made, everything tidy. โ˜บ


    1. I can’t eat fruit without washing it.
      Does he know how many people touch that fruit? Getting it from the store to home is quite a journey down ‘germ boulevard’. โ˜บ

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