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Wild child

You jump in head first
Not knowing what’s in the water,
Not really knowing how to swim either
Just taking crazy chances
How foolish!

You move along the road at full throttle,
Never reading the street signs
Taking risks that others normally won’t
Catastrophic damage imminent
But you won’t change your ways
How insane!

Oh heart,
You are such a wild child
How do I control you?
Is it even possible?
Should I even try?

For you are what you are:
My essence, my muse,
My soul, my strength,
My weakness, my pain,
My joy, my sorrow
But also my downfall!

Oh heart,
You want what you want:
You love too strong,
You hold on too long,
You are gentle and sincere,
Afraid to feel but so fierce when open.
Oh heart,
Why must you be such a wild child?


Contents written: November 20 2015 | Originally published: November 22 2015 ย | Copyright 2015-2016 ย Moylom Enterprises



12 thoughts on “Wild child”

  1. Ah yes, the heart can sometimes lead us astray. In my case, it’s often my brain that rules, and that’s not always great either. Sometimes we need to follow our heart to be happy. Guess the best is when they’re in balance with each other and we learn when to listen to one over the other. If we ever do. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. The brain is not always the best guide either. I was reading James 4 today and this is in verse 8 “Cleanse your heart because your mind is split down the middle,”

    What we need is a new heart, one that’s set on God, then we can follow Him (and it) wherever He leads.

    You poem heart sounds like a child to me, the first verse especially – jumping in the deep end sounds a bit like taking the chance of walking on water. Childlike trust and enthusiasm are good imvho.

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    1. I do appreciate this point of view. The childlike innocence of love and trust is in my innate nature but based on traumatic life experiences I’m forced to cage my heart as a means of self preservation although it almost always breaks free or is unearthed by a kind soul seeking my kind of love — intense, complete and a bit wild ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hope to hear more of your thoughts… Have a blessed day (hugs) โ˜บ


      1. I’m gonna pray that God will guard your heart (as you should too Proverbs 4:23 says) but not in an untouchable cage – instead in His gentle and capable hands that are ready with healing and guidance, tender and loving.

        Bless you for you honesty.

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