Life cycles


Life is cyclical…
Things come then they go.
Such is the case with
Fads, Friends, Money, Love,
Power, Youth, Seasons
And even Life itself!
Patience, courage and hope/faith
Are the tools needed
To see us through
To the next phase/cycle.
There is no need to fight it,
Just embrace the change
And press on…

~ Moylom Enterprises ~

Contents written: April 13 2015.
Contents edited: May 2 2015.
Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises.

19 thoughts on “Life cycles”

      1. Yes yet there’s nothing to fear . I’ve learnt in the last year or so we humans can adapt just like we’ve adapted all these years. I still remember the olden days when there’s no microwaves or mobile phones . There was no computers or internet. Even my parents who are in their 60-70s now each have a mobile. They both use the internet and are both on FB. Thus we’ve adapted to change in life without realising.

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