Poetry, Short Stories

In the trenches

An awesome manager
is not afraid to work alongside staff
to help the team hit their mark.

An awesome manager
knows the meaning of term
‘all hands on deck’.

An awesome manager
gets into the trenches
and leads by example.

Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: March 27 2017
Originally published: March 27 2017
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard

6 thoughts on “In the trenches”

    1. Yes indeed.
      I have 2 jobs. One has terrible management and the other seems to have their stuff together. I’m loving the atmosphere at job #2 and I observed my general manager working in the trenches yesterday. It was an inspiration! ☺

      Thanks for reading. Hope you’re having a great day.


  1. A awesome manager listens to you
    when you politely inform them that you are not learning a task from them and offer a suggestion to ask the best person who does know the task well to train you. 😤😤😤 Then you wait 8 months later to have that person finally train in 2 hours. Now you know the program better than your manager🤓😝😝

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