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Sing to me Julio!

Hello beautiful people!

I’m grateful to have made it to another day and I hope you are too. ☺

My thoughts have been a little scattered lately. Many major changes are in progress, but I always enjoy connecting with you lovely folks out there in blog land. It’s a nice change of pace from all the chaos in my head. All the sweet sentiments, humor and intelligence, I discover on a daily basis certainly keeps me occupied and stimulated in a positive way. Thank you all for being a part of my world, you are all appreciated!

I’m chillin’ with Julio today. Too busy to look up the meaning of his lyrics as I’m being twirled on the dance floor by a handsome gentleman to this amazing song (I wish!). Hope it takes you to a happy place too, enjoy! 🌷



Song: “Julio Iglesias –  Me Va, Me Va


Image source: Google images
Video source: YouTube
Contents compiled: October 13 2016
Originally published: October 13 2016
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12 thoughts on “Sing to me Julio!”

    1. You were right! I absolutely love it. 🌷
      Now back to daydreaming about that handsome fellow on the dance floor 😁


  1. Oh sheesh, you brought back my childhood, late 70’s and 80’s… But Le Monde Est Fou, Le Monde Est Beau will have you wishing you were running through spring fields.

    English, Spanish, French, Italian, guy could do it all. Only one like him is Dalida, she’s hypnotic. But she could do Arabic as well as the above and from memory Greek too. Those were the days languages were considered part of ones cultural upbringing.

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    1. Ahhh, glad to know you’re a fan.
      It’s funny, I enjoy his son’s music too but everytime I post an Enrique Iglesias son, Julio fans start comparing the two. 😁
      Their music style is so different I can’t understand why folks need to do that. Oh well…

      Thanks for sharing the link. Will check it out. ☺

      Liked by 1 person

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