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Who knew getting dirty could feel so good?

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“I was a kid. There was dirt. We met and fell in love. The end”

Haha, I love that line!
Falling in love is a beautiful thing – – even if it is with dirt! Loving and appreciating nature and knowing it so intimately is, in my opinion, the way our Creator intended for us to be one with the gifts He so meticulously designed for us to cherish, care for and ultimately enjoy!

Have a great day in the dirt as we welcome Spring ^_^

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I’m going to be dirty today.

As a kid, Mama often met me on the back stoop as I came in from playing outside. With a broom in her hand she’d have me slowly turn in a circle while she brushed dirt from my blue jeans. She wasn’t against sweeping my bare legs either if I happened to be wearing shorts.

“Don’t bring that mess in this house.” She’d say. “Did you plan to get dirty?”

Well no. I hadn’t planned to. I was a kid. There was dirt. We met and fell in love. The end.

I remembered that this morning as I thought about where to plant some things in the yard. I still love dirt. Not potting soil in shiny garden-center bags. I don’t care for the sterile smell of plastic and perlite. I love real dirt. Earth.

One of the finest smells of spring is that first whiff of good clean soil. Sealed in by…

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8 thoughts on “Who knew getting dirty could feel so good?”

  1. Wonderful piece. Thanks for sharing it. It reminds me of when my teen sons were young, and they’d go outside with a bucket and make ‘earth stew.’ They’d throw in dirt, sticks, pebbles, whatever, and then pour in water and make a stew. Luckily they never ate it. 🙂

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    1. Oh my, that is so funny! Glad you could relate! My munchkin is part princess part tomboy so I get to have 2 kids in one lol. If we go to the park rest assured she’ll be partially covered in dirt by the time we’re ready to leave. But when we’re home she insists on wearing a skirt or long dress so she can twirl and spin. I feel like I’m raising twins – – She certainly has the energy of 2 kids! Hope you’re having a lovely day ^_^

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  2. I think dogs love dirt even more than kids! Well, it’s close anyway. I think my nephew might like getting dirty just so he can use the hose to wash up (which really means spray everybody). My dogs like to get dirty in order to admire their muddy footprints on EVERYTHING.

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