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Fix me

Fix me
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You listened
When the others didn’t.
You made noticeable progress
In just two sessions
Which might have caused friction
With your superiors.
You had great plans
To heal me completely
But you were rebuked for your bravado…
I saw the deflated look on your face.

You asked questions
To get to the root
Of the my problem,
Then explained a
A possible plan of action.
You wanted to demonstrate your knowledge
But your superiors wouldn’t let you.

Too busy following protocol
To get the most out of the “system”,
They had their reasons
For shutting you down.
You’re new,
So I guess your zeal to heal
Will one day be circumvented
By an allegiance to the “system” too
But I secretly hope that doesn’t happen
For you are excellent at what you do.

How sad that the “system” is placed
Above the health of the patients!
Unfortunately, it’s the American way.
But for now your heart
Is in the right place,
For all you wanted
Was to make me well.
How frustrating it must have been
To be limited by their ulterior motives!

I just wish you were around
To finish what you started,
But your time was up
And now, so is mine.
Our paths may never cross again
But at least I’m glad to know
You sincerely wanted to “fix me”.

fix me 2
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Contents written: November 23 2015 | Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises


10 thoughts on “Fix me”

    1. It’s sort of a catch 22. The doctor sends the patient for therapy knowing fully well the insurance company will only pay for a certain number of visits. The therapists know this also, so instead of doing or attempting to do a well rounded treatment they only focus on one area then send the patient back to the doctor knowing other areas need attention so the doctor can send the patient back to target the remaining areas. The thing is the insurance won’t pay so the patient is left to pony up the cash or leave untreated. Only to resume treatment later on down the road when the insurance allowance kicks in again but by then other damage might have occurred because of the unresolved problems.

      The good doctors seeing these sagas unfold are left with their hands tied as they watch patients suffer. And those that try to take initiative (as in my case) get chastised for breaking the “rules of the game”.

      The system really needs to be revamped!


    1. Never tried acupuncture. But I can see how Tai Chi would be beneficial. I had a weak muscle that needed strengthening. I was given a regimen of exercises to fly to do just that. It helped a lot.

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      1. Oh wow. Sorry to hear of your injury. Glad you’re ok now. I’ve lapsed on my exercises since I recently moved and I haven’t really settled into my new location yet. Hopefully I’ll get back to a healthy routine soon. Be well.

        Liked by 1 person

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