Short Stories

Priceless moments…

Image Source: Yahoo Images (
Image Source: Yahoo Images (

That moment when
you potty train your kid
and you no longer need
to buy diapers:

Freaking awesome!

That moment when
the kid flushes a toy
and clogs the toilet hopelessly
(on a 3 day weekend
with no plumber in sight):



They can certainly
make us insane
but, hey, gotta love ’em.


Contents written: October 12 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises

7 thoughts on “Priceless moments…”

  1. When they are ready they are ready 😂 took me a month with my daughter as she wasn’t ready she was 23 months. Her brother took a week to get rid of night and day nappies . One day he just dropped his nappies/pants and that was it 😂

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    1. When I started potty training I was simply done with buying diapers. Those things are expensive.

      As a single mom I was struggling and I needed that money for other things. She had to get with the program. 😁

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