Poetry, Short Stories

The Monkey Wrench

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Life has a way
of throwing a monkey wrench
into our best laid plans
and there’s nothing we can do
but figure out a Plan B.

Sometimes a Plan C, D E, F and G
are necessary too.
And sometimes, just sometimes,
we just need to throw
those freaking plans
out the window and wing it!

At this point, I’ve lost count
of which plan I’m on.
I think I’ve made it
all the way to Plan Z
a hundred times over.
So what now?

I have too much at stake
to just wing it — too many variables!
Single-parenting can be
quite a challenge,
and this time I’m terrified
about a few decisions ahead.

All I can do is break it into small pieces
and take one bite at a time.
The question is,
how many bites do I need to take
to finish this meal?

A more fun question would be,
how many licks does it take
to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
But that’s a whole other quandary…


If you’re in the valley of decision
on something major,
omg I’m right there with you!

Sending hugs and prayers your way. Here’s hoping you’ll send some back to me too !!

Best wishes,


Contents written: August 31 2016
Originally published: August 31 2016
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Poetry, Short Stories

One day I’ll be free



One day I’ll be free:
Free to live,
Free to love,
Free to be loved,
Free to be happy, 
Free to dream,
Free to be myself,
Free to be appreciated as I am,
Free to cherish the warmth of those around me.
That day is today.


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Contents compiled: March 26 2017
Originally published: April 1 2017
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Poetry, Short Stories

Meant to be



One day I said
a pray of pain,
asking God, from my heart,
to erase your name.

Instead, I was consumed
with so much love,
the feelings I’ve tried to avoid
have doubled somehow.

Is this some weird test,
to make me crazy?
Or am I trying to fight
something that was meant to be.

Eventually time will tell
I suppose,
but for right now
Only God knows…


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Contents compiled: March 30 2017
Originally published: March 31 2017
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Poetry, Short Stories

Moment of clarity



The truth is,
My insecurities caused me
to let people into my life
who were unhealthy for my wellbeing.

My young-adult, low self-esteem
clouded my judgment.
My needs, unmet as a child,
left a void I sought to fill relentlessly.

There was no love to be found
in any of the places I looked.
Thirty years of searching
makes the heart a little weary.

The candle of hope
dwindles with each passing decade.
The truth is,
My insecurities were by curse.

This was a tough lesson to learn.
I’ve always wondered
what I was doing wrong
but the answers never came.

I’ve grown significantly since then,
and I understand better
who I am and what I deserve.
I finally had a moment of clarity today.


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Contents compiled: March 29 2017
Originally published: March 30 2017
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