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Damn Fine Lemonade



I haven’t been in much of a creative mood lately. My mind is swamped with planning for a major event which is now only 8 days away. And of course,  when it rains it pours,  so toss in a few unexpected circumstances which left me pretty pissed off and yep,  my brain has chosen to run away from all the madness. No creative juices flowing today just good old ‘venting‘!

Sometimes I fantasize of a grand vacation,  just enjoying the surf, sand, cocktails, good music, shopping, good company and being pampered for a few glorious days. But of course I’d have to be a Ms Delilah Fox or a Mr Byron Belle,  because ain’t no such niceties happening to this gal anytime soon. All I see ahead is work, work, work! No rest, no vacation, just hustle!

Funny thing is, if I were to actually meet someone named Delilah Fox or Byron Belle they’d probably be in their own personal hell and wishing they were someone else. Go figure!

See,  life is complicated no matter who you are,  and as much as we’d like to think ‘the grass is greener on the other side’,  in reality it’s not! We can either choose to live in the moment, making a damn fine lemonade with those lemons life has tossed us, or we can gripe about the fact that lemons are sour wishing we had apples instead.  Hey, some apples are sour you know, better be careful what you wish for!

So, this is my life. I’ve accepted my mountain
truckload basket of lemons and I’ll be looking up new lemon recipes whenever I get tired of lemonade as I plan on making the best of this life I’ve been given. Hands up if you’re with me! ☺

Thanks as always for stopping by. Sometimes I have to write to cleanse my system. Writing is my therapy! Thanks for listening. Happy Monday to all of you!



Image source: Google images
Contents written: October 24 2016
Originally published: October 24 2016
Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

7 thoughts on “Damn Fine Lemonade”

  1. When I worked at Las Caux in SF back in the early nineties we made preserved lemon it was truly amazing, it has the juice, the whole lemon, salt and sugar and time maybe a better metaphor than lemonade

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