Short Stories, single parenting

Things I thought I’d never say…



This is not a restaurant!
And even if it were,
I’d never let you
Act like this to a waiter!
Now sit down,
Eat what’s in front of you,
And stop being a little brat!!!!


Oh the wonderful joys of parenting!!! 😀


Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: December 17 2016
Originally published: December 17 2016
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard

7 thoughts on “Things I thought I’d never say…”

  1. My children were perfectly behaved little angels at the dinner table….bwahahahaha. I almost got that typed without cracking up! Actually, they really were well behaved…aside from the overturned glass of milk now and then. 😦

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  2. Mine are good need to teach them when they are young. We eat out a lot so they had to learn how to behave at a restaurant at a very young age. And all the please and thank you to the waiters.

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    1. She’s good when she’s out.
      It’s me she gives a hard time!
      One of these days I’ll make her a nice place of ‘nothing’ n see how she likes it!!!
      I’ll call her to the table, set the empty plate in front of her and say, “Enjoy!”

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