Picture Poetry

He spoke


The man who never said a word.
The man who only smiled.
The man who’s silence I found unsettling.
He finally spoke.

He thanked me.
He seemed sincere.
He told me I’d be missed.
He gave me a big hug.

I didn’t think he cared.
I didn’t think he paid attention.
I didn’t think he’d notice my absence.
I was dumbfounded.


Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: April 25 2017
Originally published: April 26 2017
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The Unsettling Silence



He enters the room.
He says little or nothing.
His smile seems fake — always.
I often wonder what he’s thinking.
He may just be a man of little words
Or simply a man who is slow to trust.
Either way,  his silence is unsettling.


Image source: Digital Art by A ~I.R.B.
Contents compiled: February 23 2017
Originally published: February 24 2017
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard