I got lucky

I’m not one for whom
witty repartee is a thing.
At least I don’t think I am.

But today I got lucky.
I made a customer laugh so hard
the whole floor heard it.

It was a golden moment for me.
One I may not see again soon!
One I hope to never forget.


Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: April 26 2017
Originally published: April 27 2017
Copyright Β© 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard

8 thoughts on “I got lucky”

    1. You’d have to be there! 😁
      But I can maybe make it into a post.
      Thanks for the idea.
      How are you today?


      1. Yes I’m well thx.
        Being pampered a little today.
        Loving it .
        This doesn’t happen often.
        Munchkin will be mad when she sees my nails all pretty. ☺

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh don’t be.
        My nails were awful.
        I usually give a big tip for all the work they have to do because I can only afford to do this once in a blue moon 😁


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