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Water Fountain 33



The water fountain
stood in silence
on a cold winter’s day,
seemingly lonely without
its usual feathered companions.

I stared sympathetically
for a moment,
as if lost
in my own loneliness.

Its curves,
once supple
with free-flowing water
of warmer months,
were instead
adorned with a gown
of crystallized snow.

my focus shifted,
as the boldness
of its beauty
my entire being.

It was radiant!
I was in awe
of its magnificence
yet humbled
by the simplicity
of the message
the moment conveyed.

Even though our lives
are richly blessed
by those around us,
we are still
wonderful beings
on our own.

a little alone time
is just what we need
to explore other aspects
of our unique personality.

Be authentic.
Be brave.
Be you!


Contents written April 15 2019
Digital Art by Moylom Art Studio
Copyright ©2019 Moylom Art Studio


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