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Your name in print? Hmm, maybe a bad idea!!!!

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Have you always wanted to be a published writer? Have you always fantasized about being famous — seeing your name in print? Well here’s a good reason why that’s probably a bad idea! But don’t take my word for it, watch the following video and decide for yourself.



Video: “The new phonebook’s here!”


Contents written: August 26 2016
Originally published: August 26 2016
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Made-up words and phrases

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‘Bubble-water’ is a ‘home-grown’ or made-up phrase I use to describe seltzer or sparkling water.

I started using this term when munchkin was around 2 or 3 yrs old as I needed a way to differentiate between that and regular water. Surprisingly, the term has now become normal in our house because, well, we all know what it means!

Recently, however, I caught myself using our ‘homegrown’ phrase in the real world and was quite amazed the recipient of my ‘word spill’  understood what I meant and didn’t need me to clarify. Seems we weren’t that odd after all!

So, in light of my recent mishap, what ‘homegrown’ or made-up word did you use in conversation outside your home that made things awkward or amusing? Excited to hear all about it!

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Originally published: September 13 2016
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Has this ever happened to you?



Read a post.
Understand nothing you read.
Never mind that, you’ll comment anyway.
Kiss,  💋💋💋💋. I love your post!!!!  LOL.

Browse more blogs.
Learn something new about a new follower.
Omg I love your work! ☺👍💋😍❤👌🌷😉
Going overboard with emojis are yah?  Nah!!!
Give an odd comment irrelevant to a post.
Interact with several people inappropriately.
Nap a little, well,  because you’re drunk…
Get up the next day horrified!



This event did not happen to me. I don’t drink! Just a bit of creative writing. Promise!

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Contents written: September 28 2016
Originally published: September 28 2016
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Naptime gone wrong…


I lay horizontal
As if there’s some other way,
It’s all I want to do really
Just eat, sleep and stay.

But,  alas, there’s slamming,
And banging,  and bouncing,
And barking,  and growling,
And laughing, and crying.

How absurd to think I can just be,
In the midst of all this chaos,
And mayhem,  and tomfoolery!
Sleep? Really? Did you mean weep?

Ah yes, weep, that sounds more like it!
Cry like a baby needing her blanket.
Perhaps that’ll get me the attention I need,
And for once I’ll be pampered like a queen.

Yeah, wishful thinking, I know, I know,
But it’s all I’ve got in this moment of woe.
Deep breaths, count from 10, close my eyes,
Doze, oh crap, what the heck is that NOISE!


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