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Having a bad day? Rachel Understands!

We’ve all had bad days! Right? We all have had mornings when we’re in a rush to get out the door and at least 10 things go wrong as if to sabotage the one day we planned to get to work early, as opposed to barely making it to the time clock before the 7 minute grace period expires!

Yep, I’ve been there! Just this past Sunday I planned on taking my daughter to the park super early to avoid the hot sun and the crowd. We love having the park all to ourselves which gives me a chance to be a big goofball as she challenges me to keep up with her: climbing, swinging, ziplining, and what ever else she dares me to do.

But on Sunday, just as we were getting dressed, doggy peed on her bed before we had a change to take her for a walk. This single event created an avalanche of work to do before we could even leave the house: replacing the dog bed linen, washing the dog, mopping the floor, scrubbing the tub and me taking a shower. Ugh!!! My daughter had a mini-meltdown and admittedly, so did I. Our plans were ruined! By the time we got to the park an hour later, it was hot and crowded so we didn’t stay that long. Bummer…

Later on that day, my munchkin and I watched funny cartoons, looked at cute dog videos on Instagram then went for a long walk together and of course, our doggy got to tag along. Despite the rough start to the day, we found a way to enjoy our time together and in the end that’s what really mattered.

Conclusion, in the midst of all the frustration, we can either have a meltdown or choose to go with the flow and rationalize that someone else out there in the universe is having a worse day than we are, making our situation that bad after all!

So, to help brighter your rough day, here’s a little pick-me-up to get you through this temporary rough spot. And just remember, Rachel Understands! Enjoy!

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Originally published: September 10 2019
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Has this ever happened to you?



Read a post.
Understand nothing you read.
Never mind that, you’ll comment anyway.
Kiss,  💋💋💋💋. I love your post!!!!  LOL.

Browse more blogs.
Learn something new about a new follower.
Omg I love your work! ☺👍💋😍❤👌🌷😉
Going overboard with emojis are yah?  Nah!!!
Give an odd comment irrelevant to a post.
Interact with several people inappropriately.
Nap a little, well,  because you’re drunk…
Get up the next day horrified!



This event did not happen to me. I don’t drink! Just a bit of creative writing. Promise!

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Contents written: September 28 2016
Originally published: September 28 2016
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Just For Laughs

Would your spouse do this?

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Phone rings…


‘Spouse For Hire’,  this is Gina speaking,  how may I help you?

Hello Gina, my husband will be home getting my way this weekend so I’d like to make him available.

OK, what are your husband’s skills?

He’s great at assembling furniture but he pretends he doesn’t know how. Perhaps if he got paid he’d be more motivated!

OK. How long will he be available?

Hmm,  let’s see,  2hrs with my favorite book + a soak in the tub + a nap = 4 hrs. Yeah, that sounds good.

OK,  we have a 12pm to 4pm job available.


I’ll make the arrangements.


Later that evening…


Honey,  I have great news!

Her husband:
What’s that darling?

I got you a gig for Saturday! 

Her husband:
What? I had plans of doing a whole lot of nothing this weekend!

I know,  and now you get to make money,  isn’t that FANTASTIC!!!

Her husband:
No honey,  not fantastic,  not fantastic at all!!!

Well look at it this way,  you get to do whatever you want with that money,  it’s all yours!

Her husband:
Huh, all mine? Well that changes everything!

I knew you’d agree…


Contents written: September 12 2016
Originally published: September 12 2016
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Just For Laughs

Week in review:

Monday arrived
so you aspired to conquer the world,
but then this happened:



You were naive brave enough
to think things would get better
so you show up to work Tuesday,
but then this happened:




You have bills to pay,
so you show up Wednesday,
you need this job!
But then this happened:




Thursday came
and just when you thought
you could salvage some dignity
and your job, 
this happened!




Friday came
and you contemplate going to work
or just staying in bed
crying endlessly.
But then you figure, 
it’s Friday,
good things happen on Friday.
So you show up then this happened …




Hey of I were you,
I’d accept that offer!
Sounds like we can both use it.


Happy Friday Folks !
I think we’ve earned it!!!!😀


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Originally published: November 4 2016
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