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Dating? 10 Red Flags He/She is not the one!

Angry Heart 45

Run for the hills if:

  1. They say, “I’m so proud of you!”, but never show interest in your endeavors.
  2. They always visit you at your place but have an elaborate reason why you can’t spend time at theirs.
  3. You feel the need to seek emotional support elsewhere because they’re frustratingly inept!
  4. They lovingly suggest you get rid of your pet or friends for your own good!
  5. They keep you a secret from their friends and family.
  6. They show no interest in meeting your kid(s) (from previous relationship).
  7. They think buying you gifts negates the need for quality time together.
  8. When out shopping, they rather spend your money and safeguard theirs.
  9. They insist they’re not ready for a serious relationship month after month after month!
  10. If after a year your relationship status still screams it’s complicated then it’s time to move on!

Contents written September 3 2019
  Originally published September 3 2019
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Happy Thanksgiving


Hello lovely people! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This Thanksgiving I have lots for which to be thankful.

1. I have an amazing Father. He knows all my needs. He knows all my dreams. He knows my pain. He knows how much I’ve suffered. He knows how far I’ve come. He knows how far I’ve yet to go. He knows my future. Without my heavenly Father I would be completely lost. He is guiding my path. He is my light in the darkness. Thank you God! You are the Spirit that spoke…

2. I have an awesone best friend who believes in me in moments when I don’t believe in myself. Pushing me to step out of my comfort zone. Pushing me to reach for the stars. My dreams are being realized and my best friend has been holding my hand all the way. Thank you. ☺ You are the Gardener…

3. I have amazing friends watching over me. They are taking care of many of my needs. Needs I never anticipated. Needs I cannot tend to on my own. Needs only my Father knew existed. Friends, you are my angels…

4. I have family who love me. My family is not perfect, but when push comes to shove they rally the troops to fight for any of us in trouble. Thank you! Family, you are my soldiers…

5. I have this blog and all you lovely people with whom I communicate every day. You folks have added an interesting twist to my life and I can’t imagine not blogging. I love it here!!! You are my inspiration!

So what are you thankful for today?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 🌷


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Contents compiled: November 24 2016
Originally published: November 24 2016
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Flawed to perfection

We are all drawn to the defect within us that we see in others. Not necessarily because we don’t want better for ourselves, but because we need to know others are flawed so we can boost our self esteem.

For instance, a guy may see a beautiful woman walking down the street. He is absolutely captivated by her. He would give anything to meet her, date her, make her his own, but he hesitates. He thinks for a moment that he may not be worthy. He thinks there is no way such a beautiful woman would want to be with some one like him — so average. Then something interesting happens, she is absolutely lost, needs directions and she asks him for help. Bingo! She is no longer perfect. She is not all knowing or all powerful. She is human just like him and in this case can’t follow directions to save her life. He is no longer intimidated to ask her out. He no longer feels inferior, because as luck would have it, he is great at directions and leads her to the destination safely. In that instant her flaws are what made her perfect, for had she seemed infallible his self confidence would not have improved.

Initially he, as we all do, have an idea in our minds as to what perfect is. But in reality, we don’t want perfect, we subconsciously want ‘flawed’ since non of us is perfect, especially not when we compare ourselves to God. And what we seek isn’t really perfection but actually acceptance, respect, equality, connection — love. We all need it, we all want it, we all seek it, but so few find it or if they do it’s not a version they are happy with.

God knows all our flaws and doesn’t care for HE loves us just the way we are. HE stands with arms outstretched waiting to give us the sweetest embrace EVER!  In fact HE KNOWS our flaws make us feel inferior to HIM but wants us to come to HIM to make us feel complete — to make us feel ‘perfect’. He wants to ease our pain, mend our broken heart, soothe our soul, calm our spirit, lighten our burden. HE wants to be our EVERYTHING! HE wants to hold us in HIS arms and never let us go. HE wants to be the one we run to, the one we choose to be our guide, the one we whisper to when we are afraid, the one we celebrate with when we succeed, the one we discuss huge decisions with, the one who is always first and foremost in our lives. HE wants to be our one and only GOD, our best friend our Savior. We are beautiful to HIM no matter what anyone else says. HE loves us unconditionally flaws and all.

Can you imagine what it feels like to be loved before you even existed? Well God loved us before we were even born. A love like that, so strong, so complete, so pure is by far the best love of all. The great thing is, God doesn’t need us to be flawed to make HIMSELF feel better for HE is already perfect. Instead, HE needs us to be flawed so we can be humble and accepting of others — perfectly flawed to love unconditionally the way HE loves us.

Contents written: 12.23.2014  |  Copyright 2014 Moylom Enterprises