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The best thing about falling
Is knowing someone is there to catch her.
Letting go feels amazing!
No more walls to keep her safe,
Just freedom to be herself
And be accepted as she is.

[This is Part 6 of a series entitled “Their Story”. See Part 7 or Start from the beginning]

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Lipstick bandit

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You blew through my mind like a tornado

Causing quite a stir as always.

It’s been a while since I thought of you,

Where have you been?


You stole my heart once

But it wasn’t yours to keep.

I was not yet ready

For the adventures you had in mind,

Nor the secrets you weren’t prepared to share.


You always knew how to make me smile though…

A little unsure, a little wild, a little twisted

But always sweet — to me anyway.

Thanks for returning my heart in one piece!


What brings you back to these here parts?

I thought you were gone for good!

Is it possible that I’m in your thoughts as well?

If so, thanks for thinking of me —

And thanks for the memories!


Hope you’ve been kind to yourself,

Or at least found someone

Who’s been treating you well.

You deserve to be happy,

I’ve always wanted that for you and still do.


Be well…

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Sweet moments



She wears a ring
But it’s not on her wedding finger
There are words inscribed
That he cannot read
So he asks to take a closer look
But it’s just an excuse
To hold her hand

[This is Part 2 of a series entitled “Their Story”. See Part 3. Start from the beginning]

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Field of dreams…


She was the typical city girl —
Never cared much for the country life.
A friend’s request to escape for the weekend
Was met with some resistence
But in the end there she was on a huge ranch.

She slept in the first day
Waking to the sweltering 10am sun.
Too hot to do much outdoors by end of breakfast,
So indoors she stayed til the sun took the heat with it.

She admired the moon and stars;
Enjoyed the coolness of the night;
Resolved to rise early perchance to explore —
To discover the hidden treasures of her surroundings.

She rose early as promised,
Packed a basket of goodies,
And in ‘red ridinghood’ fashion set out for the day.
Impressed,  they all looked on in amazement —
Which one of them would have to rescue her?

The day wore on towards the setting sun.
She had not returned. They feared the worst.
They set out to search,  spread out in many directions —
Calling her name; no response; their hope grew wary.

Then,  there she was, finally found,
Laying in a field of cucumbers fast asleep!
I guess she discovered her treasure — How strange!
Who knew a city girl would find cucumbers so fascinating?

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Bad box!!!

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Sometimes I save shipping boxes for little projects in progress as a way of keeping things contained and out of the reach of my young one. And once in a while I just give her the box to play with, because as we all know, an empty box is sooo much cooler to play with than an actual toy!

Today I had 4 boxes, 3 big ones I kept for myself and my various projects and a smaller one I gave to her. Well apparently she had big plans for that box. She sat in it playing peekaboo with the dog; poked holes in it with her pencil; put a necklace on it; then sat in it for a while making noisy car sounds. Then out of the blue I heard her cry out, “Bad box, bad box, why won’t you be my bed?” I peeped around the corner from my desk to investigate and saw she was upset that the box was too small.

Me: “Too small for what, honey?”

Her: “Too small to be my bed!!!”

Apparently, she had high hopes of having that box also be her bed. Poor thing, I felt so bad that I allowed her to have one of the bigger boxes. In it she was now able to put a pillow and a couple toys. Now her pretend bed was a reality and she beamed with delight!

A child’s mind is full of such wonder and possibility, it is up to us to nurture their creativity as best we can. Creative play forces them to use the imagination, to develop problem solving skills and ultimately learn to think outside the box. Or in this case to think “inside the box”! 🙂

When was the last time you helped to nurture someone else’s creativity? Would love to hear your story…


Originally published: October 2015


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Take the lead

take the lead
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Take the lead
Will you?
Take my hand,
Hold me in your arms,
And dance.

Take the lead,
Will you?
Sing to me,
Make me smile,
In your sweet, goofy way.

Take the lead,
Will you?
Converse with me,
Study the word with me,
And pray.

Take the lead,
Will you?
Show me your love
In a million different ways,
Don’t just say.

Take the lead,
Will you?
Take my hand,
Make me yours, never let go,
Just stay!

[This is Her Heart’s Desire: Part 2] [See Her Heart’s Desire: Part 1]

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The way he looks at her
Makes her weak in the knees.
This is all so messy,
So unlike her,
But so very wonderful!

And even if it were to end today,
She would cherish these memories
For as long as her heart would let her
Because he made her happy again
When she thought it was not possible.

He’s made her come unglued…

[This is Part 4 of a series entitled “Their Story”. See Part 5. Start from the beginning.]

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