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The New Culture Of Pretense

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Authenticity is so important to one’s well being, but seemingly it’s absent a majority of the time in this new culture of pretense.

Sadly, bait and switch has become the norm rather than the exception. It’s alarming that those who practice this behavior see no harm in deceiving others to fuel their own progress! Thankfully, in the end, there is such a thing called Karma. No bad deed goes unpunished and no good deed goes unrewarded!

Be your authentic self and let others love you for who you are — the real you! In similar fashion, practice acceptance of others. No two people were created the same. Through our differences do we learn to foster tolerance, growth and belief in powers greater than ourselves.

If a person’s actions conflict with their words, chances are authenticity has been compromised. Habits, good or bad, are hard to break! Conclusion, I’d bet my money on actions any day – – for they speak louder than words! Don’t be deceived by schmoozers. Let time reveal a person’s true identity.   Respect others as you too wish to be respected. Show appreciation often. Criticize constructively. Find joy in simple things. May peace and happiness be with you now and always as you journey towards being your authentic self!

Contents compiled: September 4 2019
Originally published: September 7 2019
Artwork by: Moylom Art Studio
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The Real ‘You’



Are like little lies.
Eventually the facade crumbles.

Authenticity is consistent,
It doesn’t waver.
It’s like a breath of fresh air.

I rather love who you are
Than the person
You pretend to be.


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Contents compiled: December 26 2016
Originally published: December 26 2016
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Agony Of Love Series, Poetry, Short Stories

The Details



See Mary, that’s where you’re wrong.
She’s new.
Most of my interactions with her
Are in passing. No deep conversations.

Go on…

Do I think she’s attractive? Yes.
I can appreciate
The physical beauty in any woman!
But I find emotional and intellectual beauty
More appealing. You know that!

Do I think she’s smart? Yes.
She does a great job
With her presentations
And she’s a good team player.

Am I attracted to her intelligence? Yes.
I find all intelligence to be attractive
Regardless of gender. You know that also!

Was I too playful with her? Perhaps.
It’s just who I am.
I’m always my real self with everyone.
You know I like being authentic,
But sometimes I go too far, I know that.

Was this one of those times?
If I lead her on, Mary,
It was completely unintentional.

I would never purposely ruin
What you and I have.
I never want to hurt you,
I love you too much!

OKay, well that’s good to know.

First thing tomorrow I’ll talk to her.
I’ll fix this Mary, I promise!
I know I’m not perfect
And I know you never ask me to be,
But I’m gonna have to work on this.
I don’t want you ever thinking
You can’t trust me.
Now will you please come home?


[ This is Part 7 of a new series entitled “Agony of Love”. Stay tuned for Part 8. See previous installments here.]

Contents written: August 17 2016 | Originally published: August 23 2016 | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises