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Red Land 7

Red Land 7


She traveled
a path of faith.
And though her steps
weren’t always perfect,
she pressed on,
for she was blessed!
She chose to see beauty.
She chose to be thankful.
She followed her destiny
to the place she called
‘Red Land’.


Contents written April 2019
Digital Art by Moylom Art Studio
Copyright ©2019 Moylom Art Studio


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Mesmerized 35


He was mesmerized
by her beauty
and gave her
whatever she wanted.

She was mesmerized
by his wealth
and pretended
to love him.

neither were happy
money cannot buy love.


Contents written April 14 2019
Digital Art by Moylom Art Studio
Copyright ©2019 Moylom Art Studio


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Guys, love your lady…

Guys, love your lady.
Make her feel special.
Don’t take her love for granted.
Show her you care.
Sometimes words just aren’t enough.
Put your words into actions.

~Moylom Enterprises August 2016~

Song: “Musiq Soulchild – So Beautiful”

Contents written: August 22 2016
Originally published: August 23 2016
Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

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Oh how HE loves me!

Nature’s Bounty

Nature has an awesome way of surprising us by its wonderful beauty. 

I find I am always at peace when immersed in the grand design of our wise Creator.

~ Moylom Enterprises: April 9 2015 ~

Our Creator is amazing!
So many intricate details that only He knew we would need to survive – – from the tiny ant, to the stars in the heavens, to the flowers, to cells inside our bodies — He designed everything perfectly! I am always in awe of His masterpieces – – more so by nature than with humans, perhaps because looking inward is a lot more challenging than looking out. But seeing His magnificent work from an outward perspective helps me better understand how much He must love humans (me). He created man, after all the other creatures so we may have them to love, care for and enjoy for sustenance and companionship (Genesis chapter 1).
Oh how He loves us!

My thoughts were sparked after reading the following post by Leaf and Twig. The image accompanying that post was simply amazing. Enjoy!


all of the intricacies
of the universe
unfold in the maple blossom

See full post here: https://wordpress.com/read/post/id/24535604/9427/.

Contents compiled: May 3 2015.
Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises.