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Life cycles are dictated by the species of each living thing. If there is a belief in God, then there is knowledge of Eternal Life waiting for the faithful ones risen upon the return of Jesus.
The circles seen in the design represent Life Cycles. The points facing upward represent transcendence to Eternal Life of the faithful at Resurrection. There is life after this world for those who believe in Jesus.
— Moylom Art Studio

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Originally published: September 25 2019
Artwork source: Moylom Art Studio
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Predator vs Prey


This post was originally meant to be 4 lines and perhaps a song. How it morphed into what you are about to read is beyond me,  but I suspect my inspiration came from above. So please don’t think I’m a broken record,  but as it seems,  this is a continuation from my Friday post given this Holy time.

I firmly believe religion is a tool of the devil to divide and conquer us as animals do in the wild — he being the Predator, we being the Prey. What better way to distract us from following our Master, our Shepherd, Jesus Christ, as He leads us home. Why? Because the devil doesn’t want us to go home,  he wants us to perish with him.

Keeping us separate, having us each thinking our preferred religion is the best.

Keeping us separate, having us thinking we can’t love another of a different faith.

Keeping us separate, having us thinking we are going against God’s rules by including outsiders.

Keeping us separate, having us thinking recruiting new members to our religion is more important than spreading the word of God’s love.

How devious! How manipulative! How ridiculous!

God does not aim to separate us, instead He encourages us to keep close,  to love each other, and follow Him.

The only times God used methods of separation were when mankind as a whole allowed evil to dominate their hearts and lives.

Remember when God instructed Noah to build the Ark? That was because God saw the wickedness of man becoming out of control. Noah and his family were the only righteous among them. God had to step in to restore balance, and so He separated Noah and his family from the evil and sent the flood to cleanse the earth and begin anew. (No religion, just believers and nonbelievers) .

Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?
Lot and his family were the only righteous among them. The rest of the inhabitants of those cities were evil. God,  again,  had to step in to restore balance. Fire and brimstone rained down from heaven to cleanse the region to make way for a new beginning. (No religion,  just believers and nonbelievers).

Remember when God brought the Isrealites out of Egypt? Before they could inhabit the Promised Land they needed to remove the people who were there first. Honestly, I had a bit of trouble with all the violence of that Era, because it was the first time God didn’t step in Himself but used people to carryout His will. But then, as I continued to study, I began to understand why.

Give a man a fish and his belly is full for a day. Teach a man to fish and he knows how to keep his belly full for many days.

God needed to teach the Isrealites how to be strong. Their will was broken after so many years of bondage at the hands of the Egyptians. He needed to teach them to have faith. He needed to teach them to be fierce in their belief and not just to follow Him like weak helpless sheep. He wanted them to be passionate for Him,  to follow Him out of love and adoration for He is good, not to follow Him out of fear because He is powerful. He needed them to have a fire in their hearts for Him. He needed them to stand up and come together for what’s right, and to separate themselves from evil. As a result of their dependence on the Egyptians for survival during the years of famine, their indebtedness as slaves formated them to think as slaves also. God,  even though He freed them physically,  He needed to free them mentally too.

But one can argue, doesn’t belief in God and depending upon Him for sustenance make us also slaves to HIM? No it doesn’t! God doesn’t force us to follow Him. We are free to choose. He doesn’t want us to follow Him out of fear,  but out of love. His plan for this world was for a peaceful loving existence. Back in the Garden of Eden animals of all kinds coexisted peacefully. There was no Predator vs Prey just peace. That is what Heaven will be like — a separation from evil and a restoration of peace.

God doesn’t want to separate us from each other,  instead He wants us to separate ourselves from evil. He wants us to believe. He wants us to have faith. He wants us to stand up for good and fight againt evil. Of course,  we are by no means encouraged to go around eradicating other humans now,  for we have laws that govern our lands. Times have changed since the days of the Israelites and we must apply His word accordingly. We are instead encouraged to teach the world of God’s goodness and love, and to love each other as He loves us. (No religion,  just believers and nonbelievers).

Who are believers?
Those who believe in God, His word, His love,  His power, His promises,  His instructions, His Son (Jesus Christ), The Return of Jesus, Resurrection,  Heaven and Hell.

Who are nonbelievers?
Those who don’t believe in any of the above. Those who worship no God,  the devil or other gods. Those who believe life is just a matter of existence until we cease to be.

The beautiful thing is,  we are all free to choose our path. We are all free to choose what we believe. I personally, don’t respect you any less for your choice,  for it is our God-given right to choose.

Why doesn’t God step in now to restore balance as He’s done so many times before? Well, who’s to say He hasn’t? Look at the state of our world,  our nation’s,  our cities and our families  today! There is so much evil among us yet there are miracles happening still — things that we cannot explain,  things we will never understand. Call them coincidences if you will, but I’d like to think God is at work stepping in to shield His believers.  How else will we testify of His goodness and mercies? How else will we speak of Him with a passion were it not for His workings being evident in our everyday lives?

The Egyptians didn’t speak of made up things to surrounding nations,  they spoke of actual events which occurred in their lives. How else did other nations know the Isrealites were a chosen people? It was via word of mouth of all the unexplainable things the Egyptians saw with their own eyes.

The desciples of Jesus didn’t speak of made up things, they spoke of everyday things which they witnessed. That’s how word of Jesus spread, via accounts of unexplainable things.

God and His angels watch over us constantly and God still answers our prayers. I’m not privy to all His dealings nor am I a prophet through whom He sends word of the future. Instead, I am but a mere believer,  trying in earnest to do His will,  utterly failing at times,  but still trying. I can speak for certain of the good things God has done in my life, and will continue to do so as long as I have breath in me. I know also that His word (in the book of Revelations) speaks of His final act of stepping in,  when He would have had enough of the evil we humans are so prone to revel in,  that He would once and for all put an end to the devil’s chaos and separate us from his evil for the last time. (No religion,  just believers and nonbelievers).

Please note again,  that I have left out text references to encourage you to do your own research. Don’t take my word for it. Study for yourself.

Note also,  that this is by no means a sermon,  or lecture,  just my views or beliefs as told from my heart.

So, whether you believe or not,  the choice is entirely yours, but in the end,  Good will prevail! Christ is Risen. He died for a reason. Whatever that reason means to you I hope you were able to reconnect with it during this Holy time and carry it with you the rest of the year.

Thanks as always for stopping by. Happy Easter Sunday and best wishes for a fabulous week to you all.



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